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Judy Hirsh - Yoga Teacher, Course Facilitator & Therapist

Judy Hirsh

“Yoga is not a luxury but an essential tool for a better lifestyle. It is not about how you look on the mat but how you live in the world” Judy Hirsh 

JUDY HIRSH SAMPATH Founder of Yoga Headspace, and co-founder of Yoga United, Judy brings a creative mix of yoga-based practices to engage health seekers of all ages, sizes and abilities to tune into their own head space and inner wisdom. 

Judy believes that yoga and yoga therapy can have positive effects on how we view our own reality. ‘All the knowledge we need is buried deep inside our body and we can simply learn how to access our own wisdom to restore our health, heal ourselves, and invite creativty and flow in our lives’ 

She does not prescribe one ‘style’ of yoga, prefering to start with the body as an entry point to a deeper understanding of self, relationships and life. She has found ways to unlock the bodies' natural intelligence, which has helped her to live a healthier, richer and more joyful life in tune with who she is and her own truth.

She teaches open classes, the BWY foundation course, restorative & embodied mindfulness workshops, retreats and holidays. She takes yoga, meditation and yoga therapy into health spas, offices, school, mental health and fertility settings, and 1-2-1 with clients in north London.

Go to Judy's website - www.yogaheadspace.co.uk

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Monday Evening Classes

8 May-24 July 2017 (no class May bank hol) - 11 week term

Open class for all - no need to book.

Yoga, Breathing and Relaxation classes. Drop ins welcome! 
Every Monday
The Garden Room,
Muswell Hill Methodist Church,
Muswell Hill,
London N10 1PP

Sunday Afternoon Restorative Workshops 

Restorative yoga to take stress off the body and mind.
Recharge your batteries, make space and time for proper rest.
Single workshop - £19 members / £23 non-members
Members and non-members must book in advance with the Lab 020 8482 3000
28 May, 25 June, 23 July 
14:30 to 16:30 
The Laboratory Health Club & Spa,
The Avenue,
Muswell Hill,
London N10 2QE 

15-18 Jun 2017  - Long Weekend of Yoga with Judy Hirsh & Richard Kravetz

Weekend of Yoga, Relaxation, meditation & other joyful practices

We have an opportunity to step away from every day life, slow down and develop a deeper insight into yoga, related practices, and your journey. There will be partner work and discussion to enhance the awareness of what we're doing and why!

Holland House is the ideal location for enjoying peace and tranquility. Settle in, relax and enquire with yoga, breathing, relaxation and meditation in this magical place. Enjoy delicious food with new and old yoga friends, and a massage therapist at hand!

Single / Twin Rooms -
non-refundable Deposit - £150 per person

 15-18 June 2017


Holland House,
Worcestershire WR10 3NB


Mindfulness & Meditation Group (waiting list)

Meditaton is the new meditation - Self-enquiry through mindfulness & meditation to support people anywhere on their meditation journey. 

We will be sitting, standing, walking, moving and discussing. 




Muswell Hill Methodist Church,
Muswell Hill,
London N10 1PP

Deeper Foundations - BWY Foundation Course 2017 Sold out

Next dates April-Oct 2018

Next course Apr-Oct 2017 in north London
10 Saturdays over 6 months, this course allows you to deepen your yoga practice and knowledge, reflect into the connections between your yoga mat and your life, develop a home practice to suit your needs, discuss the philosophy of yoga, the meaning of life and how to live it well. There will be some guest teachers with specialist knowledge. This is a British Wheel of Yoga certified 60 hour training which may be used as entry level for teacher training, or any practioner, teacher or therapist who would like to broaden their knowledge and work in a group setting


10 Saturdays over 6 months
April to Oct 2017
The Garden Room,
Muswell Hill Methodist Church,
Muswell Hill,
London N10 1PP


YU Yoga Therapy Course Part 1

An inspiring new course with Judy Hirsh and guest teachers.  Not just for yoga teachers, this course is for  therapists, students and anybody who is interested in working with the body to access deeper wisdom, and understand the body's amazing capacity to heal itself. If you improve your relationship with your self and others...

4/5 & 18/19 Nov

2/3 & 18/19 Dec 2018 

 Special Yoga Foundation

India Retreat Experience with Judy Hirsh 

Thurs 25Jan - Fri 2 Feb 2018

8 night yoga retreat holiday in Kerala with add on options
Celebrating out 10th year of hosting yoga holidays in India, we encourage you to keep all your senses engaged to experience the people, culture and history of Kerala. Tune out of your familiar life and patterns, and step into the land of yoga. Twice daily yoga to take you deeper into your practice and your self. Leave your guide book at home. New add ons mean that you can leave with new knowledge and learning, whether you explore temples, learn the art of stone carving, or train in Ayruvedic massage - get a taste for it!
Please visit the holidays page for further information

1-2-1s & Yoga Therapy

Unlike a group setting, working 1-2-1 is opportunity for personalised movement, and a space in which to explore what's happening in your body and your life. 

If you are noticing sensations or stress in your body that are affecting your life, it may be that your body is trying to tell you something. With Judy's support, you can listen to your body’s intelligence before your analytical mind takes over. Remember that your body has been witness to every event in your life and holds your whole history, personality and truth.

If you are curious about something happening in your life or your body, call Judy for a consultation.

Judy is trained in Phoenix Rising Yoga therapy which works on the principle that your body has a wonderful intelligence of its own and it will give you the experience you need when you need it, when you take time to listen and be present with whatever is happening.  This works with embodying mindfulness, touch or no-touch, and humanistic psychology, and access to your own wisdom.

Based in north London with practices in Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Hendon, arrange a first session for individual or group yoga,or yoga therapy now. There is a sliding scale to suit all clients with options for single or multiple bookings.
Here are some ways that yoga and related practices can help you:
  • Learn ways to let go of tension and stiffness
  • Unknot and unblock the hips, back, shoulders, neck
  • Breaking breathing habits which inhibit well being
  • Release stress and stress-related conditions
  • Issues and tissues around grief and loss
  • Yoga for mental health - anxiety, depression
  • Developing a home practice for meditation
  • Understanding pain
  • Fertility issues & the IVF journey
  • Building up strength and increasing flexibility
  • Boosting feel-good energy and removing toxins
  • Accessing the body's inner wisdom
  • Making spiritual connections