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Yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga props, yoga holidays and everything else a yogi needs!


Yoga United Yoga Bolster

A classic firm yoga bolster commonly used in restorative practices, or to sit on for meditation. Our favourite is Savasana.

Deluxe Yoga Kit Bag, Elephant Border

Deluxe yoga kit bag made from extra-durable cotton mix fabric with a decorative elephant border, designed to carry all your yoga kit.

Yoga Therapy Module 1: The Essentials 60hrs

A BWY accredited and certificated module, this sensitive and intuitive approach, you will learn new skills to meet, greet and inspire others on their healing journey. This way of being starts with you! Improve inter-personal skills within your field of work, and your life. Common conditions covered as a model for this approach are anxiety & depression, upper back, shoulders, neck stiffness; lower back pain & sacroiliac joints.

This is a stand-alone course for those interested in yoga as therapy for personal development and is a pre-requisite to continue onto the professional training starting April  2020.

8 day Module 1 courses is a pre-requisite for the next full training starting 17 April 2020

2019 SUMMER MODULE 18 &19 May | 8 & 9 June | 22 & 23 June | 6 & 7 July

2019 AUTUMN MODULE - 21 & 22 Sept | 19 & 20 Oct | 9&10 Nov | 23 & 24 Nov

2020 SPRING MODULE  - 7 & 8 Mar, 28 & 29 Mar, 18 & 19 Apr, 2 & 3 May (TBC)


Shakti Slimline Yoga Tote Bag

Lightweight and roomy quilted yoga bag in our new 100% cotton fabric used for ceremony to imbue it with strong and powerful shakti properties! - big enough for your mat, blocks and any other kit you carry to class.

Yoga United Zafu Cushion

Compact and comfortable Mediation Cushion.

Yoga United Roll-up Nidra Mat

Super-comfortable quilted cotton relaxation mat - not just for Yoga Nidra, restorative yoga, gong bathing and a spare mattress!
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50cm Painted Bamboo Rainstick

Delicately hand painted bamboo rainstick to delight your sense of sight and sound - this percussion instrument can be a useful call to notice the flow of energy in the body, the vibration of sound to soothe the nervous system and general play for teachers, students and your inner child!

NEW Yoga United Luxury Eye Pillow

Comfortable & soothing luxury silk / cotton lavender eye pillow, perfect for meditation, Savasana or just for relaxation.
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About Yoga United

About Yoga united Yoga Mats, Yoga Bags, Yoga Props and Yoga Holidays

High quality, great value yoga mats, bags, gifts, and yoga holiday retreats in India.

With 12 years experience and developed by yoga teachers for yoga practitioners, when you buy from Yoga United (YU), you know you are getting the best, brightest and most stylish yoga products available worldwide. We work in the spirit of yoga, using the yoga principles of yama and niyama, working and empowering women in south India to stitch all the yogamalai products by hand with love and care. At Yogamalai, we design and combine the vibrant colours of India with the decorative details of luxury.

To complete our range, the YU online shop is a great place to buy all your yoga products, yoga mats, yoga mat bags, yoga books, eye pillows, yoga holidays, yoga gifts and much more, all under one virtual roof. Secure online shopping and friendly fast service included!

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