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Yoga United About UsYOGA UNITES all of us through our deep love of yoga, sharing and caring in the spirit of yoga


  • YOGA PRODUCTS - We have been trading since 2003 and continue to expand and improve our product range, designs and colours to bring functionality, colour, joy and good feelings to your yoga practice. 

Internet shopping made easy -  The Yoga United online store is a secure place to buy all your yoga products under one virtual roof. Made in the Spirit of Yoga, our Yogamalai manufactured products directly support and empower the dedicated women who hand-craft our products in India. Our work there is based on the yoga principles of yama; we are committed to fair trade principles, providing living wages and promoting the welfare of Yogmalai staff, their families and the yoga community.

Our designs combine the vibrant colours of India with the decorative details of luxury to create the most stylish yoga kit available worldwide. Read the Yogamalai story

  • YOGA UNITED EDUCATION - We promote the work of Yoga United Education - Workshops, courses and yoga therapy training started in 2016 to bring you the best facilitators whose desire is to share their gifts for nourishment of body, mind and soul -  hosting top specialists in their field to share knowledge and practices with you so you can take good care of your Self, pass on your gifts to your own students, clients and health seekers, and out into the world. Their new courses and trainings are based on the latest research and the most ancient wisdom. For professional and personal development for yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, yoga therapists and health professionals, find new skills from great teaches inside and out. We aim to be inclusive and trauma-informed in every interaction with those seeking health, truth and love. Yoga United Education;

  • YOGA RETREATS IN INDIA - Making your dreams come true. If you've always wanted to practice yoga in its mother land  but may be nervous about travelling in India or do not know where to start, let us show you the way. Our yoga retreats in India and the UK have been running since 2008. We love hosting visitors in our second home, south India and sharing the delights of the regions we know and love. We work with our long-term business partners to provide excellent quality service and experiences on and off the beaten track. You can feel safe in the knowledge that we have the reputable local connections and years of experience. We organise add on trips around the most interesting areas of India, even the Taj Mahal! Our Winter Yoga Holidays and Retreats in India have blossomed over the last decade. We take groups to a stunning resort in Kerala where we have built up a great working relationship with management and locals, and we are always so cared for and beautifully looked after as a result. We know and love south India and visit every year so leave your guidebook behind! We have put together some great holidays with a great host of transformative teachers, magical itineraries. Come with us for a magical experience where everything is taken care of. See our holiday page for more details.  Is it time to bring your students to India? If you're a facilitator or leader and would like to find out more, let us co-create an experience to meet your desires.

  • Call us now on 020 8361 1882 or or email office@yogaunited.com

Yoga United Meet the team

Meet The Team

Yoga United Director Judy Hirsh Sampath

Judy Hirsh Sampath - Director, Yoga United & Yoga United Education 

Yoga Therapy trainer, yoga therapist and yoga teacher, Judy's passion is to live in the spirit of yoga and share what she knows and learns. Mostly she is grateful to be a student of life, welcoming the lessons received daily with whatever arises at her door. With the first yoga mat bag made for her in india, it set off a creative spark to manifest a business that respected the yoga tradition and partnered with women in Tamil Nadu, India where she spends winters with her husband Saravanan. 

More recently, she developed Yoga United Education's courses in response to creating learning that is nourishing for the soul and support ease in life and meaningful work. Go to Yoga United Education to find out more about our workshops, accredited courses and professional training. Set up a discovery call with her to talk through your own yoga path and where it might lead you.

Yoga United Director Saravanan Sampath

Saravanan Sampath - Director, Yoga United 

Saravanan is the power and the glue behind Yoga United's success. He has developed expertise is in design, website technology and has had to learn all about supply chains. He is passionate about creating sustainable change in India and supporting people he knows. Through his connections in South India, he co-ordinated and built the Yogamalai family who make our products with love and care. His love of Indian design and decoration came from his background in Classical Indian Fine Arts and Sculpture gaining a first class degree at the University of Madras. 

Saravanan's real passion is traditional Indian sculpture ad he takes commissions – He says 'each piece of stone is chosen for its colour, shape and sound because the stone is alive. Each sculpture starts with a system that has been handed down through the ages in Indian tradition and then evolves naturally through the rhythm and mediation of the work. Each sculpture tells a story through symbols and messages, mudras (hand gestures) and the use of characters from Indian mythology. The sculptures provide protection, give blessing, invoke positive energy, bring good fortune and peace.

Yoga United Customer Services Abi Myles

Abi Myles - Customer Services, Yoga United

Abi's professionalism, listening skills and caring nature makes her the perfect customer services contact. As a yoga practitioner, she has used our mats, bags and props and understands the individual needs of our customers.  She's helpful, fair and has a great sense of humour. In the office, she is a great sounding board and her down-to-earth nature means we all stay firmly rooted in reality. 

Yoga United project manager philippa brown

Philippa Brown - Project Manager, Yoga United Education

Working with a team of creatives, Philippa's attention to detail is key. Contingency plans, spreadsheets and patience are qualities she brings to keep everyone organised and on course. Philippa’s life has changed and improved in countless ways because of the practice of yoga. This inspires her to continue her yoga studies and to share yoga with others as part of the Yoga United Education team. Philippa is particularly drawn towards the therapeutic use of yoga, practical yoga philosophy and sound-related practices (kirtan, mantra and Sanskrit recitation). She is a BWY qualified yoga teacher.

Yoga United india partner yogamalai bogeswari sampath

Bogeswari Sampath - Yogamalai

Bogeswari runs Yogamalai in India working with and training women to design, stitch and adapt their business skills. She is always making improvements and checking quality as she has had some tricky moments over the years with sourcing quality components to make sturdy, long-lasting products and shipping them across to us in the UK. 

Having visited us in London and attending the Om Yoga Show, she gained clarity on the western yoga market, standards and desires. She is always ready to take orders to keep a steady stream of income for all the people who work at Yogamalai. She reminds us to have trust in a universal flow and visualise a stream of success, in good business practice as well as collaborative relationships.