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YOGA UNITES all of us through our deep love of yoga.

  • YOGA KIT - We have been trading since 2003 and are still going strong and continue to expand our product lines to bring colour, joy and good feelings to your yoga practice.
  • YOGA RETERATS IN INDIA - Our yoga holidays in India have been running since 2008. We love taking people to our second home to share the delights of the regions we know with our long-term business partners. Off the beaten track and safe in the knowledge that we have the connections and experience, we organise authentic trips, and encourage you to be confident and free to explore.
  • YOGA UNITED EDUCATION - Our newest venture grew organically from our connection with the greatest yoga teachers and therapists. Collaborating and co-creating new courses and trainings to underline latest research with the most ancient knowledge, for professional and personal development where new skills and self-observation support juicy learning, grown and life change.  Yoga United Education 


Internet shopping made easy -  The Yoga United online store is a secure place to buy all your yoga kit under one virtual roof. Made in the Spirit of Yoga, our Yogamalai branded products directly support and empower the dedicated women who hand-craft our products in India. Our work there is based on the yoga principles of yama; we are committed to fair trade principles, providing living wages and promoting the welfare of all Yogmalai staff. The designs combine the vibrant colours of India with the decorative details of luxury to create the most stylish yoga kit available worldwide. Read the Yogamalai story

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Our Winter Yoga Holidays and Retreats in India have blossomed over the last decade. We take groups to a stunning resort in Kerala where we have built up a great working relationship with management, and are beautifully looked after as a result. We know and love south India and visit every year so leave your guidebook behind! We have put together some great holidays with a great host of transformative teachers, magical itineraries. Come with us for a magical experience where everything is taken care of. See our holiday page for more details. Call us now on 020 8361 1882 or +44(0)20 8449 3556 or email office@yogaunited.com 

Judy Hirsh Sampath is a senior yoga teacher who continues to run open classes, specialist workshops and faciliates meditation and mindfulness groups, and retreats. She is an experienced yoga therapist and is course creator and director of a brand new 550 professional Yoga Therapy Training that works in the 'sensitive & intuitive approach' to wholeness. Go to her events page for a calendar of events. Go to Yoga United Education to find out more about courses and trainings.

Saravanan Sampath is passionate about Yogamalai through his connections in South India – his love of Indian design and decoration came from his background in Classical Indian Fine Arts and Sculpture gaining a first class degree at the University of Madras. He is always looking to expand our range of products for a complete catalogue for all your yoga needs. Contact Saravanan for sculpture commissions – He says 'each piece of stone is chosen for its colour, shape and sound becaue the stone is alive. Each piece starts with a system that has been handed down through the ages in Indian tradition and then evolves naturally through the rhythm and mediation of the work. Each sculpture tells a story through symbols and messages, mudras (hand gestures) and the use of characters from Indian mythology. The sculptures provide protection, give blessing, invoke positive energy, bring good fortune and peace.

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