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5 minutes to clear your mind - set your timer & greet the moment

By Yoga United 4 July 2018 No comments

Do you sometimes have so much to do you don't know where to start, get easily distracted or forget the important thing - everything seems urgent and it messes with your head?

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International Yoga Day - FREE events in north London

By yogaunited 21 June 2018 No comments

This picture literally captures the reflection of love on our yoga mats - sending compassion, kindness, and understanding through the ether and around the globe, to every living thing in the world, and the gods above.

Having been in the yoga community for the last 20 years, it always fills my heart with joy to see the yoga community growing all over the world, and how yoga and yoga therapy are being recognised as health-giving and preserving practices, meditation as mediCation.

Coming together to practice creates a strong connection - it feels to me like electric power surge of love and peace, throbbing in a collective intention throughout the world. A joy to take part, teach and connect with friends, brothers and sisters in yoga.

In celebration this year, I am hosting two FREE events:

Starts 25 June: 'Mindful Mondays', a before work early morning practice to gear up for your week. Its a drop in class x 4 weeks starting Monday at 7.20-8.10am in Muswell Hill at The soothing Laboratory Spa & Health Club - there's plenty of parking and you do not have to be a member to join us. Its a free class with a suggested donation of £10. All proceeds will go to the Heart Failure nursing team at Barnet General Hospital who cared for my beautiful mum in her last years. Check for details HERE

Friday 29 June: Free taster Evening - hosted in collaboration with Barefoot Body Training, come along to a free 2 hour evening of yoga, mindfulness, embodied anatomy and yoga nidra. All welcome. In exchange for a free evening, we will take a little time to tell you about our new training courses and retreats coming up in London and India! Check for details HERE

Hope to see you soon,

Love Judyx

Call me to talk more and work with me 07956 375 607


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Yoga United Yoga Therapy Professional Training - what is it?

By Yoga United 29 May 2018 No comments

A Sensitive and Intuitive Approach to Healing whether it's an ailing spirit or a bad back!

“I am not a doctor nor do I have a physical therapy license. I treat the delusion of not knowing your Self and how to find your way past pain and suffering. I guide you, not treat you” Mukunda Stiles, Yoga Therapist

Is your yoga mat a playground or correction centre?

By Yoga United 29 May 2018 No comments

Next time you’re on your yoga mat, tune into noticing mode, in a mindful way and let your inner child come out to play. Treat your yoga mat like your playground

Confessions of a social media addicted yoga teacher

By Yoga United 23 May 2018 No comments

I am a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist - I confess that I have been carried down the river of social media and I’m addicted. I pretend I need to do social media because my marketing team told me I should! I have set myself a challenge to switch off all social media after 8pm but I often find excuses to take my phone into the bedroom and have a peak if I’ve posted something to see if anyone likes me or even loves me! Social media can be replace relationships with real people, affects mood and self-esteem.

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Dream of becoming a yoga teacher or therapist?

By Yoga United 17 May 2018 No comments

When you experience the immeasurable power and magic of yoga, how it has become an ally in getting you through difficulties life throws at you

You have first hand experience of the miracle of the body to repair and heal itself
You have deep gratitude for having yoga in your life,

it’s natural to want to share it with others

Is there something getting in the way?

Giving back - how you are making a difference to Yogamalai

By Michaela Barker 6 April 2018 No comments

When we travel to India each winter, we are not only running our yoga retreats but my favourite time is to go and meet the yogamalai team who make our products in India. Seeing our products being made and the opportunities we are giving many families is just delightful. Ahh it’s all in the principles of yoga - And just as the word can be translated into English as "joining", "uniting", "union", we feel overwhelmed and lucky to be united with real people instead of factories, who we can visit and see the real differences the work makes to their lives

Yoga Practitioner to Professional - 8 questions for you

By Yoga United 5 April 2018 No comments

Is there something getting in the way of your dream to become a yoga professional - find out with 8 questions

Why choose Restorative Yoga Teacher Training?

By Yoga United 26 February 2018 No comments

We are so encouraged to be witnessing a growing recognition of the importance of Restorative Yoga and a number of studio timetables are creating slots for Restorative classes and many teachers are including elements of the practice in their own workshops

Relaxation aids to help you drift off to dreamland.

By Yoga United 23 January 2018 No comments

Do you have trouble relaxing? Our brains are so wired to ‘do, do, do’, it can be really difficult to ‘simply be’ for a while. For busy people, the concept of ‘doing nothing’ can feel pointless, uncomfortable and even empty. And stressing about relaxing can make things worse with all the trying, the self-talk about lack and should I.