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Are you Feeling your Self?

By Yoga United 22 April 2019 No comments

... Are you feeling yourself?...

  • Your body holds so much information and great wisdom.
  • It is waiting for you to tune in and listen.
  • Whatever you notice, know that the body has such an immense capacity of tolerating whatever arises and will support you in your journey.
  • It has its own amazing self-healing process and is ready to show you how to heal.

Here are some questions and enquiries that helped me when I was feeling our of sorts, not quite myself...

Yoga United Yoga Therapy Training

By Yoga United 7 March 2019 No comments

The Yoga United Yoga Therapy professional training consists of 10 modules.

An incredible line up of faculty and internationally acclaimed educators and yoga therapists teaching a wide variety of content to equip you with many ways to offer therapy to support people in their lives, with their loves, and their stuff!

Tutors include Beverley Nolan, Antonia Boyle, Mary Mackie, James Boag, Jyoti Jo Manuel, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Michael Lee

Breathing Practice

Students connecting


"This course has showered me with many blessings. I loved the variety of the teaching to promote knowledge and healing in support of my self as well as others – every day left me feeling alive and inspired"

"I learnt some stuff that has literally changed my life and the way I interact with people. There is connection, love and joy in my life"

"I feel like I can breathe again and be myself. Sometimes acknowledging that life is not always haha hehe is OK. I am OK just as I am"

Here is a link to Module 1 which covers the essentials and introduces some of the tutors - (8 days). You can choose Summer or Autumn course in London https://www.yogaunited.com/yoga-therapy-module-1.html

For the next course at Camyoga in Cambridge, please contact Camyoga directly 01223 847930

The next Modules 2-10 will follow in March 2020-July 2021 – https://www.yogaunited.com/yoga-therapy-550-profes...

We are currently finalising the dates for 2020-21 so to keep updated, CONTACT US https://www.yogaunited.com/contacts/ or call the course director, Judy Hirsh Sampath on 07956 375 607 for an informal chat.

... When you fall in Love with Yoga...

By Yoga United 22 February 2019 No comments

How Deep is your Love of YogaWhen you fall in love with yoga, it's often the case that it has helped you through a difficult time in your life in some way - perhaps breathing, relaxation exercises, postures, flow, and other yoga-related body/mind/spirit practices have helped you shift mood, soften hard edges, reframed negative thinking patterns, give you a renewed sense of peace, buoyancy and fun. Ahh Yoga - you help people in so many ways - I LOVE YOU!:

Yoga can support us when...

  • We desire to feel physically well, strong, flexible and confident in our body
  • We're feeling mentally unbalanced and looking for self-regulation
  • We're overwhelmed with loss and confusion, and forgotten how to simply have fun and appreciate the simple things in life
  • The nervous system is on constant high alert - relaxation and sleep are elusive and our relationships are suffering
  • We are going through the motions and need to feel alive and joyful again
I could go on...whatever you are receiving from 'yoga', getting a glimpse of its magical powers can be all too fleeting when we're in the midst of being down on ourselves - when judgment and harshness show up, perhaps shame, hate, disgust, anger - the parts of ourselves we don't like, we do not wish to acknowledge, and go to great lengths to push them down in the body and mind, away from judging eyes - They usually find a way to rise to the surface again in the form of dis-ease!

How to keep healthy and well...

it's worth finding out how to keep healthy, growing and flourishing by keeping the magic of yoga close to you, remembering the practices, fall in love with yoga all over again, and accept all parts of you and learn to be unapologetically yourself. And when you experience this kind of magic for yourself, you could be on the journey to train to help others feel the same...

Here are two testimonials for the Yoga Therapy Module 1 by people who are not yoga teachers, they were simply looking for some practices to help them through their current life 'stuff'.

"This course has showered me with many blessings. I loved the variety of the teaching to promote knowledge and healing in support of my self as well as others – every day left me feeling alive and inspired"

"By seeing yoga and its philosophy in a new way, this learning has all made tremendous difference to my life already"

If you are still reading this, you may be curious about the next dates, and what's coming up in the world of Yoga United Education - so here's what happening next...and hope you're inspired to join us.

Love Judy, Saz & The Yoga United team

This is the time for meditation

By Yoga United 5 February 2019 No comments

sunrise Good morning from our current yoga retreat in south India! If you can get up early enough, this is a great time for meditation...dawn and sunrise - to listen to your breath and your heartbeat, to pick up messages that they may want you to know, and enter the realms beyond sensation, a place inside where we feel really well, a place that gets blocked once the criticising mind kicks in with its loud wake ups and focus on all that is wrong with you....when the waters are calm and the dust is still settled, and the world around you is sleepy, peaceful and quiet, beginning to awaken.

Before life gets too stirred up into the inevitable doing, coming and going, rush hour and conversations, take some time to tune in to a deep love and silence where you wise Self can be heard. What do you hear?

Have a great day,

Love Judy

The gift of Giving and Receiving

By 8 December 2018 No comments


Working with opposites is an insightful tool in yoga therapy, yoga nidra and psychotherapy. We may hold different opposites from each other. One person might consider the opposite of STUCK to be FLOW. Another person may see the opposite of STUCK to be FREE. Flow and Free could be very different experiences.

In the same way, the opposites of GIVING and TAKING vs GIVING and RECEIVING feel very different. Taking something and receiving something have different connotations.

Consider the difference in your mind and body when you say the word TAKE - what do you see, think of, or feel. Do the same with RECEIVE - is there a difference in essence of the words?

Working as a yoga therapist, these differences are sometime subtle and assuming the opposites are BLACK & WHITE is worth exploring with a client. Working and socialising with a lot of yoga teachers, therapists, carers and empaths, I notice a pattern of how much easier it can be to GIVE than to RECEIVE. If we have in our minds that we are TAKING rather than RECEIVING, there can be resistance. Guilt, worthlessness, undeserving can all show up...

Do you sometimes buy a gift for someone else and end up keeping it for yourself? I do! I think if I put in my mind that I'm buying it for someone else, I can justify the cost and know that person really deserves it. In valuing ourselves, treating ourselves, we are so deserving....If you are shopping for gifts for others, how would it be to gift something for yourself too, to receive something that nourishes you in all the giving that you do? To hold giving and receiving together in your life?

Some offerings at Yoga United for receiving nourishment:

11 Oct 2018 20:05:58

For a Winter Sun Treat - Join my "Make Room for Me" Retreat Holiday in India is in Feb 2019 - https://www.yogaunited.com/india-retreat-judy-hirs...

For Personal and Professional Development Nourishment - https://www.yogaunited.com/education

For yoga kit and ethically made soft products in India - https://www.yogaunited.com/yoga-props-accessories/...

Love Judy Sampath & all the team at Yoga United

Here with Uma Dinsmore Tuli

By Yoga United 4 November 2018 No comments

I'm blessed to be working alongside Uma Dinsmore-Tuli , and co-creating nourishing training experiences for yoga practitioners, teachers and yoga therapists.

So here's what we have going on in south India & north London..Yoga United and with Womb Yoga & Total Yoga Nidra presents...

Yoga United at the OM Yoga Show, London

By 17 October 2018 No comments

Join us this weekend at the Om Yoga Show in London this weekend Friday 19th -Sunday 21st October 2018

India Calling - Make Room for 'ME'!

By Yoga United 10 October 2018 No comments

1-9 Feb 2019 'Make Room for Me' retreat with yoga teacher and therapist Judy Hirsh Sampath.

  • Create time to become quiet and clear
  • Make space to step away from your everyday life
  • Take a look at life from a different perspective
  • Invite all your cells to participate in this experience
  • Be carefree and juice up with joy!

Take this opportunity to RE-cover from a hectic life, RE-connect with your inner wisdom & RE-collect valuable resources for daily life back home.

Prepare your body for the change in weather

By Yoga United 27 September 2018 No comments

Here we go again - preparing to turn inwards and away from life outdoors. You may have been lying in the grass, gazing up at the sky, spreading out your arms and legs to keep cool. Now, we turn gradually towards the opposite - to keep ourselves warm, we close the doors, keep the windows closed and we start to cuddle up, curl inward, turn to tending to our own homes, our own bodies. Its a great time to notice how movement can generate energy, and where the flow of energy circulates and where it gets stuck and cold. To get the energy flowing throughout the whole of our body, we can start the day with some movement on or off your yoga mat. 15 minutes is enough to un-block some tense spots and the use of yoga props can help us even more. A yoga belt or strap can contain our bones and joints to avoid over-reaching! Blocks can keep legs moving symmetrically, and a block between the hands can do the same for the arms as insight can arise when the arms are moving at the same time.

You certainly don't need to be super-fit, or at all fit for that matter, to get moving in the morning and the effects of unblocking the body can mirror the effect in the mind to create clarity, flow of ideas, more productivity. The heart is beating, the lungs are working, the blood is circulating, and the miracle of the body is getting on with its constant effortless balancing of the systems.

Here's a short morning practice you can do starting from your bed:

1. Use a yoga block between your hands to stretch back over your head as if you're yawning your whole body awake

2. Come to sit on the edge of your bed and rotate your shoulders forwards and back a few times - simple, slow, repetitive movement to wake up the brain gradually and gently

3. Time to stand up - feel your verticality and raise your arms to reach into the sky, Once again take a few yawns, sighs, and go to a window to look out.

4. Place your hands over your heart and feel your aliveness. Move in any way that feels good - you can put on some music to shift your mood to 'fully awake' mode

6. Come to stillness, Notice your breathing and start to take some smooth even long breaths, If you want you can use your arms to express your breathing direction.

7. Don't forget to come back to normal breathing in between the long ones to make sure you're not creating more tension

8. Imagine you are waking up every cell of your body and let them know that you are thankful for the miracle that is your body

9. Consider what you are going to do today - set an intention for your day and call out a few words name what it is you desire for yourself

At this point, you could do a short practice on your mat moving the spine in all directions, sit on a zafu, or folded blanket to meditate for 15 minutes, or lie down over a bolster to open your heart.

Have a great day and check back in at the end of the day with the same words and see what insights come up!

You can find Yoga Props in yogaunited.com.

Chewing and Churning Life and Loss

By Yoga United 18 September 2018 No comments

Emotional pain can be too hard to digest, to process, to understand and the mind has the job of removing them avoiding them, supressing them with busy-ness, chatter, distraction. The body can offer physical pain and dis-ease to work with the mind to suppress the emotions which are too difficult to deal with, with parts of ourselves we perceive as unlovable, and distract us with something easier to comprehend like illness. The receptors which regenerate cells get blocked and hold onto the unprocessed emotions.

The good news is we can find skills, methods and support to go THROUGH our stuff, to see it, acknowledge it, befriend it so it loses its power, and approach it gradually with the greatest of care, grace, love and respect to unblock the pathways for healing at cellular level so we can become regenerated, fresh, clear and joyful beings.

Here's how I've been feeling lately!

Emotional - MOI! Yes, all the time, up and down, round and round, love and hate, fear and foe – the last few years of menopause and grief has literally changed my body, my mind, my outlook and my spirit.

It’s been this turbulant chewing and churning: my nervous system is shot and all the gifts in my yoga toolbox of relaxation techniques don’t work, my immune system is like a new personality in my life with physical manifestations showing up that make me feel old and ailing, weird and out of control, my heart is aching with loss and the empty pockets gaping longingly around me, and my shoulders and calfs keep cramping up to remind me that difficult emotions can show up without warning so be on guard all the time! In all this emotional mess, I have bursts of ‘normality’, sprigs of hope and offers of healing, reminders that everything is OK, that I can function in a way that still feels like me, I can make sense and learn and teach…I can receive with an open heart and mind, and even have fun!

I am working on naming this barrage of new sensations, raw emotions, being aware of how and when emotion bubbles up and my relationship to depression, embarrassment, shame, process, honour, witness and healing – oh the work in progress of tapas, swadyaya and iswarapranidhana – self study, self observation, surrender to what cannot be changed, the pissing on the fire of tapas, the fire hardly visible in the embers, catching the tricks of the mind, and welcoming the referred pain of the body; and observation of the ‘field’ in which everything arises – I am reminded of the not so effortful tapas required to keep practicing this one. Useful work and real lessons for a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and trainer of others. And important for my own sanity, clarity, wisdom and growth – what a gift! She tried out how that sounded, that all of this is a gift. She chewed it over and it felt like chewing gum just losing its cherry flavour but definitely there in the after-taste. But don't chew too long in the loss!

One of my favourite dog-eared scribbled on, post it note tongued books is ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckart Tolle, and I am keeping it close to me right now.

As I re-read a quote “One of the main tasks of the mind is to fight or remove emotional “pain”, which is one of the reasons for its incessant activity. Glimpses of love and joy or brief moments of deep peace are possible whenever a gap occurs in the stream of thought”…let’s pause to find a gap right now!

And another – “Basically, all emotions are modifications of one primordial, undifferentiated emotion that has its origin in the loss of awareness of who you are beyond name and form”.

As I pause for reflection, I take a deep breath in and feel life fully, I sigh out a pouring of relief that all this change is part of life and we are all suffering in our own ways, in our own churning molten centres of our worlds.

Sisters and brothers, may you learn from your suffering, may you be free of fear, may you find peace in the deep sea that lies beneath the thrashing of the waves.

Hope to connect with you soon - and find out how our trainings can support you and others HERE

Love Judy