10 Steps to Walking Mindfully

10 Steps to Walking Mindfully

What is walking mindfully or a walking meditation? People often don't get what it means or how to do it - whether it just means not speaking while walking, walking alone or moving slowly - well yes, all of those things but what's important is bringing your Self into the present moment - when we are focussed on the now instead of ruminating about the past of worrying about the future, we are FREE of our stuff for a moment and each moment may accumulate into seconds and minutes of freedom. It's so simple really. What would it be like to be free from your lists of things to do, projects, responsibilities - here's HOW!

Ten Steps to Walking Mindfully buddha

Thich Nhat Hanh has wonderful and simple instructions to 'Walk like a Buddha'

1. Make no effort but simply enjoy the experience of walking

2. Start by focusing all your attention on the sole of each foot as it touches the Earth

3. Don't take the next step until you have connected fully to reality of this moment

4. Smile and take the next step

5. With each step, print your stability, your solidity, your freedom, your joy on the ground

6. Seal the ground with the mark of being alive, the mark of solidity, the mark of freedom

7. Remember there is a Buddha inside of you. Give up your mind and allow the Buddha to walk for you

8. When your mind gets busy, notice the breath coming in and out

9. To stay mindful, repeat the words I am alive, I am making a step...or any words that help you to smile or walk as a kind of meditative offering.

10. Do not be surprised if this way of walking opens insights and you get carried away with working things out or a new story. It's OK - the mind is part of you too.

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by Judy Hirsh Sampath taken from the practice of Walking Like a Buddha from Thich Nhat Hanh's book, Buddha Mind, Buddha Body - Walking Toward Enlightenment.