A postcard from Yogaunited Holidays Retreat in India

A postcard from Yogaunited Holidays Retreat in India

A postcard from Yogaunited Holidays in India 


Retreats Complete

I am taking an exceedingly long exhale and dropping my responsibility shoulders. A celebratory pause after our first yoga retreats in India for three long years, holding space for our welcome guests to settle, dive deep into their inner life, to holiday, have fun and fall in love with each other and India. We have taken them off the beaten track to places and people you won’t find in the guidebook, encouraged them to adventure and connect with local people, and most importantly to take care of their body, mind and emotions, to guide them in receiving a gift from their soul to take home. 

It worked, successfully complete, glowing radiant beings with new eyes are leaving to the north, south, east and west.


We were wondering if we still wanted to run yoga retreats in India. Post-covid exhaustion, doubt, responsibility, people on the edge, struggling with energy bills and the rest made me want to give it all up and find a job in our new local Aldi just opened down the industrial estate – and why not for an easy life! 


Well we decided to go fishing and see what the universe pulled in.

Since 2008, we have not had our retreats book up so fast – it was amazing to know that people want to travel, experience India, trust Yoga United to organise and hold them! 

And as I sit here in a chillout place on the beach with a ginger lime soda, I am reminded of why I love what we have chosen for ourselves, Yoga United team and our Indian family. After all the heaviness of the last few years, all is well, there is an ease when things are just meant to be, and a delight in seeing others delight. It feels like everyone has filled up an empty reservoir – as we sit in circle, our reservoir walls are safe and strong, and the reservoir of love is full to the brim. We have offered ways to keep topped up as we go back to our lives.


Dates for 2024

Kerala, south India, January 2024, winter sun, yoga, pranayama, meditation - yes please! Drop heavy baggage, play and adventure, be yourself, heal and repair with yoga-related practices, ayurvedic massage, excellent food and warm sea – the senses are awakened opening up a new perspective to refresh, delight and with new eyes. Come with us for authentic India, human connection and proper rest - fill you cup! Change is inevitable when you separate yourself from your everyday life, the people you live with, the routines and habits, schedules and way of thinking. 

Sunset on the beach reminds us that we are the same as the sunset as we stay present to it's dropping towards the ocean. As with our yoga practice, there is a ripple effect, and after glow, a pink sky that settles the spirit and balances the soul.

Can't wait for next year!


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Email us to set up a time to talk through your needs, questions, hopes and dreams - we are here to make your dreams come true.

What to expect

Going on ‘retreat’ can mean many different things from strict ashram silence, days in silence to plush desert island getaways.

We are somewhere in between – it’s important to us that everyone receives what they need from being on retreat so the choice is yours. Our resorts have Indian charm, we have two classes/sessions per day and the content is chosen by the individual teacher, one before breakfast and the second before dinner so there’s plenty of time in between.

How will you fill your days? You can choose to stay in the resort on your veranda, by the pool, order snacks to your room, continue your own practice in your yoga space, be silent, pop over the road to the beach for walks and swimming, take a rickshaw to tootle about and adventure locally around the area and stop at a small tea shop, get a taxi to a bigger town for shopping, henna tattoos and western style cafes…

We aim to offer an authentic experience and have many contacts so you can connect with local people we have known for years, join one of our bespoke add ons or travel further afield with our excellent travel agent. 

Whatever you choose, we are sure you will make new friends, and fall in love with yourself and India. As our guests depart and the reservoir of love is full, we encourage continuing to find support, community, connect and offer love, there’s more than enough for all. That way the reservoir remains topped up, there is an awareness of when reserves are low and resources to top up again and again. 

Sending love from Mother India – wish you were here. Maybe you will be next year.


It’s natural to have questions and as you may have gathered, we love talking about our trips so ask away CONTACT US or email holidays@yogaunited.com