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August 2013

Calling Yoga Teachers - new FREE Yogaunited Community Site

By yogaunited 30 August 2013 No comments

Here is a sneak preview of our exciting new venture - helping yoga teachers and studios to improve their yoga business. Yogaunited are committed to making more people aware of the benefits of yoga, and find out what's on offer wherever they are.

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Flowing sequences or holding poses - Which style of yoga is right for me?

By yogaunited 16 August 2013 No comments

Yoga can be confusing - with so many 'styles' out there, how do you know what is the right one for you? Some people love to get hot and sweaty, lots of moving sequences like vinyasa flow, repeated series of sequences like astanga, hot yoga to allow the muscles to become more flexible, sweat out toxins, get the energy flowing.

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Cultivating Generosity in the Yoga Tradition

By yogaunited 13 August 2013 No comments

I always learn such a lot in India, good and bad! I want to understand the complex systems, rituals, markings, and ways of life that are so intriguing - the problem is that everybody you ask seems to give you a different answer. Try asking about a festival, a god, how to cook a dish, its never a straight-forward answer!

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5 ways to mindfulness - listen deeply

By yogaunited 4 August 2013 No comments


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