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October 2013

Three reasons why we use breath in Yoga - Part 1

By yogaunited 18 October 2013 No comments

Cave Deep inside the Cave

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Yoga Teachers are Great when they...

By yogaunited 9 October 2013 No comments

yoga teacherWe've all been there - in a yoga class with a teacher that gets right up your nose, whether you're inhaling or exhaling...your nostrils are flaring, your mind is full of the most un-yogic thoughts, I mean really!!!  If its a cover teacher, maybe you just won't like any teacher apart from your regular 'guru'. Give the teacher a chance, it may just be different so don't just roll up your yoga mat and flounce out, do your yoga...that means observe your thoughts carefully -  why are you getting all stirred up? what are your thoughts telling you about you, your practice, change and expectations? What can you learn from this experience?

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How to choose a yoga mat

By yogaunited 2 October 2013 2 comments

how to buy a yoga mat

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