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December 2016

A day on retreat in India with Yoga United - what to expect

By Yoga United 24 December 2016 No comments

https://www.yogaunited.com/contacts/thank goodness we're finally here - i already feel younger! After so many years running retreats at this resort, it feels like coming home - it is always warm, the welcome is even warmer and as we ride from the airport towards this beach, it's natural unspoilt beauty induces a wave of calm through my nervous system...

BBC's Planet Earth II - if the animals were watching a yoga class!

By Yoga United 17 December 2016 No comments

Have you been watching BBC's Planet Earth II - Not only does David tell a great story, it starts my mind wondering what it would be like if the animals were watching us humans.

Are you feeling thirsty? 5 signs you're dehydrated

By Yoga United 14 December 2016 No comments

Our central heating makes me feel like I'm a tomato being sun-dried in a slow oven overnight so I'm really conscious of my water intake and keep an eau bottle with me at all times! It's a filter water bottle that uses a traditional Japanese binchotan charcoal to make your tap water taste great, you can fill it up at any water tap which means you can go to the bathroom to fill up your bottle and it filters on the go! We've just re-stocked them because we missed them so much.

Fairtrade Tea Bag to fair traded Mat Bag

By Yoga United 4 December 2016 No comments

Is yoga a way of life

Does that mean that we have to do yoga all the time, have a yoga mat in every room in case we have a spare 10 minutes to do another round of sun salutations, chant the mantra OM or use a yoga belt to open the hips a little bit further?

Bring Colour into Your Life

By Yoga United 1 December 2016 No comments

How do different colours make you feel? What happens when you see a rainbow?

Use a strap in your asana practice to support your body on the mat. Ask your yoga teacher how you can use a belt to avoid stretching beyond your natural range of movement.