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November 2017

De-stress during the festive season

By Yoga United 30 November 2017 No comments

7 quick steps to de-stress.

Immediate de-stress techniques from Yoga United guru Judy Sampath

Yoga lovers gift guide

By Yoga United 24 November 2017 No comments

When you know someone who loves yoga, then the festive season is a great time to treat them to something they will love and use.

The launch and inspiration behind the new Yoga “Shakti Bag’ 2017.

By Yoga United 17 November 2017 No comments

November has a beautiful clarity to it - as the nights draw in and the temperature drops, the quiet transition from Autumn into Winter takes place and colours of the leaves call our attention to the cycles of nature once again to offer insight and inspiration of how to be autumnal in the world.

What is Therapeutic Life Mentoring and do you need it?

By Yoga United 5 November 2017 No comments

Is life Ok but you'd like to feel more vibrantly alive? Feel lack-lustre and would like to recover the spring in your step again?

Overwhelmed with support at the Om Yoga Show London 2017

By Yoga United 1 November 2017 No comments

Following a successful show in 2016, Yoga United decided to come back with something new and exciting for the Om Yoga Show 2017 in London, so we had three spaces instead of one – for our Yoga Products, Yoga Holidays and Yoga Education. We are still buzzing with energy from the wonderful success of the inspiring atmosphere that people created at this stunning venue. We felt extremely privileged to be part of such an event.