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December 2017

Yoga Therapy - My Story

By Yoga United 29 December 2017 No comments


It was during a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) session that something quite profound was revealed to me – It was a mind-blowing experience that changed how I engage with my life, my fears and my joy. So, this pain in my neck had been around for a while, years in fact and showed no signs of going away. Yoga did not seem to be helping in the long term, I bought a new pillow, a new mattress, lay on my back with a cold bottle under my neck… but nothing seemed to shift this tightness

Yoga Retreat Kerala – sharing one of our favourite Recipes

By Yoga United 13 December 2017 No comments

If you use salt and pepper to flavour bland food, you are already familiar with Keralan cuisine! Kerala is the home for a part of the year with our holidays and retreats in South India

The colours and spices of this dish make it a perfect treat for the holiday season and is one of our most versatile household favourites so we thought it’s a great time to share. You can skip down to the recipe or read on...