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February 2019

... When you fall in Love with Yoga...

By Yoga United 22 February 2019 No comments

How Deep is your Love of YogaWhen you fall in love with yoga, it's often the case that it has helped you through a difficult time in your life in some way - perhaps breathing, relaxation exercises, postures, flow, and other yoga-related body/mind/spirit practices have helped you shift mood, soften hard edges, reframed negative thinking patterns, give you a renewed sense of peace, buoyancy and fun. Ahh Yoga - you help people in so many ways - I LOVE YOU!:

Yoga can support us when...

  • We desire to feel physically well, strong, flexible and confident in our body
  • We're feeling mentally unbalanced and looking for self-regulation
  • We're overwhelmed with loss and confusion, and forgotten how to simply have fun and appreciate the simple things in life
  • The nervous system is on constant high alert - relaxation and sleep are elusive and our relationships are suffering
  • We are going through the motions and need to feel alive and joyful again
I could go on...whatever you are receiving from 'yoga', getting a glimpse of its magical powers can be all too fleeting when we're in the midst of being down on ourselves - when judgment and harshness show up, perhaps shame, hate, disgust, anger - the parts of ourselves we don't like, we do not wish to acknowledge, and go to great lengths to push them down in the body and mind, away from judging eyes - They usually find a way to rise to the surface again in the form of dis-ease!

How to keep healthy and well...

it's worth finding out how to keep healthy, growing and flourishing by keeping the magic of yoga close to you, remembering the practices, fall in love with yoga all over again, and accept all parts of you and learn to be unapologetically yourself. And when you experience this kind of magic for yourself, you could be on the journey to train to help others feel the same...

Here are two testimonials for the Yoga Therapy Module 1 by people who are not yoga teachers, they were simply looking for some practices to help them through their current life 'stuff'.

"This course has showered me with many blessings. I loved the variety of the teaching to promote knowledge and healing in support of my self as well as others – every day left me feeling alive and inspired"

"By seeing yoga and its philosophy in a new way, this learning has all made tremendous difference to my life already"

If you are still reading this, you may be curious about the next dates, and what's coming up in the world of Yoga United Education - so here's what happening next...and hope you're inspired to join us.

Love Judy, Saz & The Yoga United team

This is the time for meditation

By Yoga United 5 February 2019 No comments

sunrise Good morning from our current yoga retreat in south India! If you can get up early enough, this is a great time for meditation...dawn and sunrise - to listen to your breath and your heartbeat, to pick up messages that they may want you to know, and enter the realms beyond sensation, a place inside where we feel really well, a place that gets blocked once the criticising mind kicks in with its loud wake ups and focus on all that is wrong with you....when the waters are calm and the dust is still settled, and the world around you is sleepy, peaceful and quiet, beginning to awaken.

Before life gets too stirred up into the inevitable doing, coming and going, rush hour and conversations, take some time to tune in to a deep love and silence where you wise Self can be heard. What do you hear?

Have a great day,

Love Judy