Are you a yoga teacher looking for more students in 2018

Are you a yoga teacher looking for more students in 2018

Growing your Classes in 2018

Where are you?

If you've recently graduated from a yoga teacher training course, or gone off the boil with promoting your classes, how’s it going out there in the world?

Prepare for your new lease of life as a yoga teacher with a little guidance…I know you know this stuff but sometimes it helps to refresh your memory and get un-stuck!

Through your yoga teacher training course, you will have learnt how a class is structured, and by now, you should have some classes up and running, even if they are not as full as you’d like them to be.

This is the time!

As you know yourself, January is a great time to find new students as people are reflecting on the year gone by , taking stock, and looking to make some changes, and generally ways to improve their health, relationships and life. So how do you keep them coming to class once the new year’s resolution starts to fade.

What do you think potential students are really looking for when they decide to try yoga or come back to it after a break?

Who do you wish to attract?

It’s important to ask yourself what kind of students you wish to attract, how you’re going to find them and keep them committed. Your flyer, social media and blog content you put out in the world will draw particular students. Are you running classes for beginners to move their bodies, classes to improve their strength, stamina, to reduce stress, or do you want to bring inclusivity and diversity to your community, are your classes based on mindfulness, love, connection? what happens to your students on the mat?

Who are you as a teacher?

How do you want to show up, what do you have to offer, how do you speak to students from an authentic place of experience, and who do you want to show up? In my 20 years experience, it helps to target a specific market or speciality rather than a ‘yoga for all’ type approach even though that’s what I’m hoping will happen. This seemed counter-intuitive to me to begin with as it meant narrowing the net and targeting a specific group but over the years, I’ve come to realise that people respect your commitment, experience and knowledge, so make it something that speaks to many.

A short practice

Close your eyes for a moment and take a few long breaths – think about how you feel at the end of a yoga class or even better, do this at the end of your own practice and see how it actually feels, embody it for yourself and write some words down that describes this feeling. Use these BIG BUZZY words to create a new flyer, facebook post or however you connect with the world out there.

Before they arrive

Think about the look and feel you want your yoga teaching space to have. That moment when they arrive is crucial in setting the tone – will you play music, read a quote, set a theme? Will they smell the familiar incense or oils, candles, or find props that show you care - like blankets in the winter, eye pillows to block out harsh lighting - things that can make your class a winner in January – as your students come into the yoga space, their brains and nervous systems will know that this is a different experience to everyday life, there is room for ‘me time’, and a place that feels special or even sacred.

Summing up

Take a moment to consider the following:

Why your class is going to be unique?

What is your intention for the term ahead?

How do you want the students to feel when they leave?

How will you set the tone - which colours and smells would inspire you/them?

what props will benefit your students during their practice and make them feel cared for?

And what about your self care - do you want to add retail sales to your class so you don’t drag along heavy mats and props…

Need to buy?

There are many yoga props that have great benefits and are a great addition to any studio. So let’s take a look at the must haves and the maybes! You will know which is which!!!

Yoga Mat 

Not only does it mark your space in a class, but it is the perfect tool to prevent you from slipping, and of course it gives us the comfort our body needs whilst practising.

Designed to make your yoga practice a little more supported! Your students will appreciate your effort to offer them a more ease-ful practice.

Yoga Block Cover

These will certainly give your yoga blocks a new look and lease of life

As well as ensuring that your blocks are always clean, hygienic and colourful. What colours suit your class?

Yoga Strap 

Helping you get all the benefits of specific postures with safety and openness Lots of ways to play!

Yoga Blanket 

Yoga blankets are a gentle source of support and keeping the muscles warm and letting your body know you are offering warmth and comfort. Of course, blankets can help make meditation or Savasana heavenly, as they can support your joints between yourself and the earth.

Yoga Bolster

Made specifically for yoga, our yogamalai bolsters provides just enough firm and even support during restorative postures, or to sit on it for meditation. With the added bonus of a carry handle at one end, they are extremely easy to carry about and move around.

Eye Pillow 

Prepare your eye pillow on a warm radiator or cool fridge depending on your temperature! Just allow your eye pillow to rest lightly on your forehead and the eyes. And let it assist you into that gentle place where your eyes are off-duty!

Your students may also ask for prop recommendations and adding retail sales to your studio can help to boost your yoga business. After all great customer service is vital in any business, if you are helpful and you know the products you are using, it will add many benefits to your new teaching journey.

At Yoga United, we sell wholesale yoga supplies online and larger bulk orders for yoga studios, shops, teachers, well-being practitioners who use our products and/or want to re-sell them. Yogamalai is a group of women who make our products in India so by supporting women in India, you support your own yoga principles.

Wholesale products

Let us know if need support as a teacher – Judy Hirsh Sampath offers Therapeutic Life Mentoring to help teachers step into their power and make their yoga business a success!

Just remember no matter what your path is, make time to look after yourself, make mindful choices in life and stay inspired through your own sadhana and continued professional and personal development.

Good luck, breathe deeply and enjoy the ride. X

Love Judy