Are you alive?

Are you alive?

How much of your time do you spend thinking about the past? 

How much time to you spend thinking about the future? How much time to spend enjoying the present, feeling yourself in the here and now!

It is wonderful to live in the present. Like a deliciously deep sleep,  I'm not saying we should do it all the time but taking time out to be present to what is happening 'now', 'in this very moment', is a great way to feel fully alive, to learn self-awareness, to rebalance, to feel deeply, accept fully...

There are so many ways to do this - an obvious one, and always accessible, is our breathing. Our respiratory system breathes us all the time, our cells are hungry for oxygen and the body happily nourishes us without us having to even think about 'doing anything' to stay alive.

Just sit and observe how amazing the body is as it breathes us.

Have you got 5 minutes?  to sit and watch your breath without attempting to correct it, manipulate it...just follow it like a stalker and notice every little movement, moment, sensation, pause, change...welcome everything that comes up, whatever it is . If your mind wanders off, notice what it is that you're thinking about and invite it to come back to observe the breath. How fascinating. That's all you need to do...And let me know how you get on.