Equinox Balance & Off Balance

Equinox Balance & Off Balance

The Winter of Dis-Connect

A round of applause for all the cells in your body, and all of us - we got through the Winter of Dis-connect and we're heading for the Spring Equinox on Saturday 20th March 2021.

Spring Equinox

'Equal night' means the hours of day time and night time are roughly the same length. Yes, roughly, not exactly! If the Earth were not slightly tilted, we wouldn't have seasons. That’s just the world we live in and I believe that's why equal balance and symmetry is so hard to find, and even more difficult to maintain. So the question is - why do we strive for symmetry and balance in our yoga practice?

Balance and Symmetry in Yoga

However much we wish to find balance and equality, if we are trying and striving for symmetry and perfect balance, we may find out that our bodies just aren't like that...and life isn't either...well at least, not for long. You can use yoga blocks, bricks, bolsters and blankets to support your body, supporting you to find balance, to feel what it's like when we are symmetrical...AND accept imbalance, asymmetry and change by propping with care and kindness for how your body is and who you are.

Life Out of Balance

So if we are never in balance for long before gravity draws us one way, influences take us another way, we end up tipping off balance, leaning this way or that again and onto the rollercoaster of life.

Shifting Experience and Change of Seasons

Continue tilting and going with the flow – enjoy the moments of balance as a part of the whole kaleidoscope of shifting experience, and changing seasons.

How do you want to be with balance?

How do you want to meet imbalance, spiralling, falling over in your practice?

How will you meet this reality of inevitable change in life?

I know a year ago, I was resistant to delivering yoga training online and how much i thought I knew, I didn't want to change, it upset my view of the way things are supposed to be. My beliefs and the reality tipped me off balance, out of my comfort zone and one year later, I have changed my mind, my reality, I know I'm adaptable and my desire to connect has meant that I have found new ways to do that. And so I question my resistance, my beliefs of the way things should be, and know that balance is a beautiful place to be...and doesn't last long, just like a magnolia flower. Ahh, reminds me to cycle back round to the seasons and the Equinox, and how I will mark those short-lived moments.

I'd love to hear more from you - wishing you balance, and being OK with imbalance,

Love Judyx

Judy Hirsh Sampath (C-IAYT)

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