Bring Colour into Your Life

Bring Colour into Your Life

How do different colours make you feel? What happens when you see a rainbow?

Use a strap in your asana practice to support your body on the mat. Ask your yoga teacher how you can use a belt to avoid stretching beyond your natural range of movement.

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Now that the autumn leaves are brown on the ground, the ice covers nature with a silver sheen, the clouds hide the sun and shroud the sky in grey, our clothes are bled of colour as we lean towards neutrals, and yoga outfits go monotone blending us into the norm of fitting in.

I, for one, want to stand out, to turn up the colour - I need yellow and orange and blue, I call for more colour in life!

Have you seen our stripy belts? New design for rainbows, chakras, pride on a belt, made in the spirit of yoga by Yogamalai in India, supporting women who would otherwise have little or no income. Lets include the whole spectrum.