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Confessions of a social media addicted yoga teacher

By Yoga United 23 May 2018 No comments

I am a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist - I confess that I have been carried down the river of social media and I’m addicted. I pretend I need to do social media because my marketing team told me I should! I have set myself a challenge to switch off all social media after 8pm but I often find excuses to take my phone into the bedroom and have a peak if I’ve posted something to see if anyone likes me or even loves me! Social media can be replace relationships with real people, affects mood and self-esteem.

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Why choose Restorative Yoga Teacher Training?

By Yoga United 26 February 2018 No comments

We are so encouraged to be witnessing a growing recognition of the importance of Restorative Yoga and a number of studio timetables are creating slots for Restorative classes and many teachers are including elements of the practice in their own workshops

Yoga lovers gift guide

By Yoga United 24 November 2017 No comments

When you know someone who loves yoga, then the festive season is a great time to treat them to something they will love and use.

Yoga Show why, where & when ?

By Yoga United 20 September 2017 No comments

When you have a busy schedule, and you feel there’s not enough time in the day and not enough sleep at night, it is good to notice how this ‘state of urgency’ affects your body, mind, and the people around you.

We love giving and receiving - here's a discount code

By Yoga United 25 November 2016 No comments

Yes Let's get the ball rolling - we're giving you 20% off all orders today

Sharing the yoga love

By Yoga United 31 October 2016 No comments

Making time for stillness, silence, to focus, release, repair, heal & share experience. How do you want to be in the world, what do you need in your life right now? Here's some pix from last weekend's workshops. OM SHANTI.

Embodied Mindfulness Course, Retreat Holiday with Lyn Tally, Kerala 2017

By yogaunited 18 October 2016 No comments

Yoga United are delighted to welcome back Lyn Tally, coming to Southern India from South Carolina, USA. This holiday will be back at Cherai Beach but earlier in the season this time

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Coming & Going of the Breath

By yogaunited 14 September 2016 No comments

Coming & Going of the Breath

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10 Reasons to go on a Yoga Retreat – well, why wouldn’t you!

By yogaunited 2 May 2016 No comments

Amazing transformations can happen on a yoga mat. I’ve seen it as a yoga teacher, and experienced it as a student. Release of tension and pain in the body, change of mind and profound insights, glimpses of pure bliss within minutes of stepping onto the mat...

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Try meditation now - 20 minute practice

By yogaunited 23 December 2015 No comments

Listen Deeply

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