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Is your yoga mat a playground or correction centre?

By Yoga United 29 May 2018 No comments

Next time you’re on your yoga mat, tune into noticing mode, in a mindful way and let your inner child come out to play. Treat your yoga mat like your playground

Relaxation aids to help you drift off to dreamland.

By Yoga United 23 January 2018 No comments

Do you have trouble relaxing? Our brains are so wired to ‘do, do, do’, it can be really difficult to ‘simply be’ for a while. For busy people, the concept of ‘doing nothing’ can feel pointless, uncomfortable and even empty. And stressing about relaxing can make things worse with all the trying, the self-talk about lack and should I.

Yoga lovers gift guide

By Yoga United 24 November 2017 No comments

When you know someone who loves yoga, then the festive season is a great time to treat them to something they will love and use.

Are you feeling thirsty? 5 signs you're dehydrated

By Yoga United 14 December 2016 No comments

Our central heating makes me feel like I'm a tomato being sun-dried in a slow oven overnight so I'm really conscious of my water intake and keep an eau bottle with me at all times! It's a filter water bottle that uses a traditional Japanese binchotan charcoal to make your tap water taste great, you can fill it up at any water tap which means you can go to the bathroom to fill up your bottle and it filters on the go! We've just re-stocked them because we missed them so much.

Fairtrade Tea Bag to fair traded Mat Bag

By Yoga United 4 December 2016 No comments

Is yoga a way of life

Does that mean that we have to do yoga all the time, have a yoga mat in every room in case we have a spare 10 minutes to do another round of sun salutations, chant the mantra OM or use a yoga belt to open the hips a little bit further?

Bring Colour into Your Life

By Yoga United 1 December 2016 No comments

How do different colours make you feel? What happens when you see a rainbow?

Use a strap in your asana practice to support your body on the mat. Ask your yoga teacher how you can use a belt to avoid stretching beyond your natural range of movement.

Cross with your yoga mat?

By Yoga United 23 November 2016 No comments

yoga, united, mat, 6mm, extra, thick, luxury, mats

I resisted buying a yoga mat for years when they first came on the market. They looked like giant plasters and I looked down at these new pieces of kit and preferred my comfortable and comfort blanket. As soon as I was introduced to the delights of down dog on a mat, I was reminded that change is good and I didn't need to slide around on my blanket any more with my hips desperately holding on in case i slid into the splits - so my warning system told my nervous system lit was safe to relax.

Now I use two extra thick 6mm yoga mats and use them to make a large cross and here's 8 reasons why!

6mm, yoga, mat, extra, thick, luxury, teacher

  1. You can spread my arms out to the sides horizontally one way, and have your spine vertically the other way - especially good to occupy some space on cold floors
  2. when you're on your hands and knees, your precious knees have double protection where it crosses in the centre. Over the years as a student, a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, I have learnt that my knees are not worth grinding into the floor and I'm going to look after them as best I can!
  3. Teachers can demonstrate postures without having to turn the mat sideways
  4. You can fold 6mm mats to make a lovely shelf for shoulderstand to make space for the neck and spine
  5. You can fold 6mm mats to make a soft landing pad for the crown of the head in headstand - stay longer!
  6. Fold and roll up one of the mats into a flat cushioned bolster for backbends - to open the thoracic spine just enough!
  7. Fold one mat to make a platform for sitting and allow the hips to open and knees to drop
  8. I'm sure there's lots more so if you've got your way with mats, please share!

Co-founder of Yoga United, Judy Hirsh is a yoga teacher, therapist and eternal student - check out her website for classes, trainings, retreats & therapy

To buy your thick luxury mats, check out the Yoga United website mat page - we only sell the props we use ourselves and have great deals on mat & bag combos & kits to save you money.

Yoga United Bolster love ❤️

By yogaunited 12 October 2016 No comments

Are you holding yourself together? Have you tried support of the ground and some props?

Yoga Equipment: bliss with a belt

By yogaunited 9 August 2016 1 comment

If you're not striving for Olympic standards and don't fancy the idea of suctioning your skin and bruising yourself in the process, we have a simpler technique to increase your range of movement which requires a standard piece of yoga kit, the humble yoga belt or sometimes called yoga strap.