Celebrating the Gift of Yoga with Play, the highest form of research

Celebrating the Gift of Yoga with Play, the highest form of research

Hey yoga lovers,

It's here, the end of the year. How are you approaching the festive season?

You already know how crucial it is to include some 'me time' when you haven't been able to give yourself a moment's peace. A marvelous yoga practice a day, helps you work, rest and play!

One of my favourite quotes as a reminder when I get too seriously bogged down or frustrated, when yoga therapy takes us into the dark shadows, self-enquiry and self-observations are too intense. 

Bring out those parts of yourself as if unwrapping your yoga gifts and bringing them into the light

"Play is the highest form of research' Albert Einstein

play is the highest form of research

So let’s play and celebrate – what are you celebrating in your life?

You can celebrate:

that you are here reading this blog

that you have dug deep to navigate any difficulties that life has brought you this year

being a yoga lover helps you to meet your fears and have courage to go through difficult times

that you remembered to take time to celebrate the good times

belly laughs, love and connection, parties you hosted or attended this year

a generosity of spirit you felt and gifted

restorative yoga practices as a yoga present to yourself

Add a list of your own, yoga related and anything you’re celebrating in your life

Find some words to describe some resources you carry inside and create a statement for yourself.

I AM...resilient, strong, enough, caring, loving, human, free...find something that feel affirming for you as a mantra you can repeat under your breath or out loud - express it any way that works – through movement in your body, drawing, writing poetry, playing with a child, friend, parther



Repeat your mantra as you breathe - breathe it, live it, embody it, believe in your Self and celebrate you 


This will re-set your body, mind and spirit – this is deeply healing 

NOW go into your life and play, sing, dance, laugh, be silly, love, create a yoga sequence, play restorative yoga dead lions… with others!

You don’t have to be a yoga teacher, yoga therapist or own a yoga studio to share what you know with family and friends, to play with yoga postures, make up your sequences, rest in restorative yoga with yoga props or yoga pillows, sound your own mantras and affirmations. 

Freedom and liberation are here - Get your prana flowing. 

It’s the best yoga present ever!

If you’re loving this, you may wish to gift yourself some training in 2023 to formalise and reinforce what you know, become confident in sharing with others.

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