Coming home from India

Coming home from India

Having just returned from India, I am always amazed at how quickly I transition to the weather I was brought up with, the food of my parents and grandparents, the language that I'm fluent in, the social interactions with others, and shared cultural references with my friends. I am back home. And yet, I feel India is my spiritual home. It makes me poetic, nostalgic for my Self, taking in soul food and coconut water!

I love patterns and colours of India, sun rises and sun sets...Wherever I am, I marvel at the ever-changing sky

Here are some pictures from our trip - if you want to come with us next winter, contact us {{store url='contacts'}}

29 Aug 2019 14:13:25

Some insights from my meditation practice, inspiration from being in awe of the temples, and thoughts about the delicious repeat patterns and colours of India

Rainbow sky India*I saw this Rainbow Around The Sun this morning, also known as the sun dog

Considered a divine sign for change and transition, a new start to make the changes toward a better and more compassionate version of you.

This totally fit with the metta meditation I was practicing right before I noticed it above me.

The Prophecy – there is an ancient prophecy that this rainbow will bring unity, life and love. The prophecy says that one day every living being will be united, healed and joined in love. Those who died, will be back on earth. Every extinct animal will come back to life.

And the earth will flourish


Indian tile patterns* Repeat patterns: When you recognise repeat patterns in your life, bring your awareness to them.

You can choose them, love them and thank them for serving you well.

You may also outgrow them and choose the first step to a new order and walking away from repeating patterns that no longer serve you.

Yoga therapy can support you creating repeat patterns that support your physical and mental health.

You are free to choose and may require some help in working out how! Check out our courses at Yoga United Education


Big Temple, Thanjavur* The big temple: I say a little prayer for you.

Visiting temples in India, daily rituals to frame life's events drives me to embrace daily rituals and prayers for myself.

Gods and Goddess for every one, every mood, every emotion feels like we can welcome all parts of our multi-faceted self, there is a place for everything to be accepted as it is, repeat mantras for wishes and offerings of thanks and gratitude.

And it makes me laugh that we say 'bless you' but often only when someone sneezes