Cross with your yoga mat?

Cross with your yoga mat?

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I resisted buying a yoga mat for years when they first came on the market. They looked like giant plasters and I looked down at these new pieces of kit and preferred my comfortable and comfort blanket. As soon as I was introduced to the delights of down dog on a mat, I was reminded that change is good and I didn't need to slide around on my blanket any more with my hips desperately holding on in case i slid into the splits - so my warning system told my nervous system lit was safe to relax.

Now I use two extra thick 6mm yoga mats and use them to make a large cross and here's 8 reasons why!

6mm, yoga, mat, extra, thick, luxury, teacher

  1. You can spread my arms out to the sides horizontally one way, and have your spine vertically the other way - especially good to occupy some space on cold floors
  2. when you're on your hands and knees, your precious knees have double protection where it crosses in the centre. Over the years as a student, a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, I have learnt that my knees are not worth grinding into the floor and I'm going to look after them as best I can!
  3. Teachers can demonstrate postures without having to turn the mat sideways
  4. You can fold 6mm mats to make a lovely shelf for shoulderstand to make space for the neck and spine
  5. You can fold 6mm mats to make a soft landing pad for the crown of the head in headstand - stay longer!
  6. Fold and roll up one of the mats into a flat cushioned bolster for backbends - to open the thoracic spine just enough!
  7. Fold one mat to make a platform for sitting and allow the hips to open and knees to drop
  8. I'm sure there's lots more so if you've got your way with mats, please share!

Co-founder of Yoga United, Judy Hirsh is a yoga teacher, therapist and eternal student - check out her website for classes, trainings, retreats & therapy

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