Day 5 on yoga retreat in India...what I learnt today

Day 5 on yoga retreat in India...what I learnt today

We’re on Day 5 of our Yoga United Winter Sun Retreat in Kerala

What we've done so far

temple festival Temple festival

Who knew a yoga retreat would be so busy? The last five days, I have taught yoga to a receptive group of students, taken them on all kinds of trips to explore the local area off the beaten track, on the tourist map, watched the sunset, played in the gentle waves of the warm Arabian Sea, had numerous delicious buffets, we’ve been to the bar, made new friends, met the Swami at the local ashram, all in all – senses have been on overload.

What we're doing today - silence

Today I asked the group to find time for inner reflection. To be silent…to reflect on all the new sights, sounds, smells, taste, touch and space in between...of India and assimilate anything that has come into their awareness over the last five days.

What I learnt today

For me, in my silence, I am noticing the other senses more, especially the sounds and smells around me and I am reflecting on what I can learn from this.

walking meditation Walking meditation

I love the sea, I love playing, the feeling of the water as I float, move around free-form, feeling like a mermaid, light and buoyant, supported by the warm water. How the senses change if I close my eyes, and then realize that I’ve been carried too far away from the shore and I can’t find the sand under my feet, the sensation of move back to wet sand, dry land, how the sounds around me changed as I left the sea and headed back to my room.

In spite of the irresistible buffet dinners, I tried to keep this lightness in my personal yoga practice – to play, explore the space around me, see how it feels to move my head, feel light, be aware of sound, be aware of what happens when I go beyond my comfort zone, and the fear around going too far, observing how long to stay, when it was time to come back…when it was time to end the practice. And then I noticed that my stomach was calling me for the next buffet so I rolled up my yoga mat and wondered if I could use this practice to observe myself in my life ie. at dinner – how much to put on the plate, whether to the pudding of the day with ice cream, stay in silence and chew things over slowly with care and attention.

Or maybe I’ll see if anyone’s in the bar – the wine is surprisingly good! Choices choices!

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