De-stress during the festive season

De-stress during the festive season

De stress Christmas

7 quick steps to de-stress.

Immediate de-stress techniques from Yoga United guru Judy Sampath

It's that time of year when the stress levels seem to rise and build up everywhere you look.

Has someone ever told you to stop and take a deep breath, or stop and count to 10? Well, there is a lot of wisdom in this simple idea…

  • First, simply stopping
  • Second, deep breathing
  • Then slip into mindfulness de-stress

Our 7 superfast ways to immediate de-stress

Mindfulness will take you from thinking mode to noticing mode, it grounds you and centres you in the moment. You will naturally slow down to lessen anxiety and urgency around time.

If you have been drawn to reading this, it means you need to put the brakes on. Give yourself a 5-minute de-stress break and ask yourself what is TRUE and REAL in this moment (I am adding in brackets with what is true for me as I write this to help you)

See what you can see in front of you (I see a screen in front of me and I am writing this information)

  • Notice your physical position what, are you connected to, are you comfortable (I am sitting on a chair, feeling a bit lopsided so need to correct my posture!)
  • Feel your feet and make sure they are firmly placed on the ground (I have both feet on the ground, one heel lifted so I shift this to connect positively with the ground)
  • Breath in and out allow your breath to come from your belly, slow it down (as I breathe and take a few long breaths, I let the exhale become longer each time)
  • Be aware of the temperature of the air on your body how does it feel? (my feet are cold; my hands are warm)
  • Feel the clothes in contact with your skin and notice the sensations (my trousers feel tight at the waist, softness of the fabric on my arms)
  • Bring to mind how grateful you are to your body, for everything it does to enable you to even do simple things – it is enough. Say, "I am enough" …Repeat to self – IT IS ENOUGH, SLOW DOWN, EVERYTHING IS OK

Enjoy Mindfulness

Take stock again and enjoy that feeling of being firmly in your moment. This is what I notice when I use the practice - the effect of this ‘mindful noticing' has slowed me down a little. I am feeling less stressed although I know I need to get on and do things which makes me a little more anxious.

Put the timer on for 2 more minutes (I am closing my eyes and going to carry on noticing what is TRUE in this moment…until I hear the timer.) Repeat this every 2 hours and check in with noticing to practice this more in your day.

Now it's your turn to try

Would love to know how you get on