Ethically Sourced Gift Ideas for your team

Ethically Sourced Gift Ideas for your team

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Dear Leader,


You know how important it is to value your team, support and empower them and show them you have seen and heard them. It’s been exhausting showing up to hold others and you may be wondering how to show them you care with a gesture of thanks this year end. 


To meet you there, we have gathered together some small gifts, they feel more like a little kiss or hug to say thank you. 


All our small gifts are produced in India in support of those from under-privileged backgrounds so the chain of gifting cycles back to yoga’s homeland.


Let us know your budget per person from £5 and up…and we will put together some ideas to save you precious time. Here’s an idea of our under £15 gifts


As well as our signature mat bags and kits, we have: 

  • candles in clay pots to support untouchable caste in India
  • hand-made mini soaps for yogis made in Kerala by a sustainable Initiative 
  • incense and dhoop sticks to turn your place into a sacred space
  • spice drops to make mulled drinks and chai to warm your heart without any mess, supporting women in India
  • Eye pillows, satchels, and all wrapped up in printed cotton bags made in partnership with our Yogamalai family in Tamil Nadu
  • Oh and yoga mat and bag packs with our beautiful yoga mat bags of all sizes


If you have a retail outlet, you can stock in your shop next week – find out about wholesale prices

We have more gifts in stock… 


Looking forward to a prosperous year ahead, you may be interested to join our new affiliate scheme – it’s easy to sign up and add a link to click for your referrals - when you recommend us, you get a win. It’s a win for you, a win for them with a discount, a win for us to get the sale, and a win for our Indian partners -


Have a look around, check out our products, drop us a wish list to or call us to co-create more yoga love on 020 8361 1882.


Hope to connect soon,

Love the Yoga United Team