Yoga Gifts at Yoga United

Yoga Gifts at Yoga United


Well here we are again at the end of another year - we'd like to let you know what we've been up to in 2019. Here are some of the changes we've made...

1. Improve our products to ensure good quality
HOW: we have changed our zips, straps and fabrics to make our products stronger and longer lasting!

2. Create new products and colour ranges for your delight - keep feeding back if there's something you'd like that you can't find anywhere else
HOW: new eye pillows without the lavender for those who are not fans or wish to add their preferred scent, new coloured bags

3. Work with our partners in India in an ethical way that supports yoga in its essence
HOW: collaborative relationships that empower women to work in a way that supports them with other commitments in their life. Encourage learning skills for growth and fulfilment. Good pay, good conditions, supportive management

4. Doing what we can to reduce the use of plastics
HOW: we have now replaced some of our plastic bags with paper for packing and sending products where possible. You will see on the eye pillows for example an option for unwrapped, and wrapped in paper envelopes.

5. Reducing shipping costs

HOW: we now offer FREE UK shipping for orders over £75 We thank you for shopping with Yoga United and supporting all of us and our Indian partnership with women working from home.

Here are some gift ideas

REST - Give the gift of rest, nest & hibernation - things for making the conditions conducive for nesting, and relaxing safely BAGS - Give the gift of useful things for tidying away all your yoga things in once place


MAT - a new mat for a new year can give the gift of encouragement and renewed pleasure in getting onto your yoga mat on a regular basis


YOGA PRACTICE TO SUPPORT LIFE - Give the gift of education. Yoga is a life-long companion and learning deeply is food for the soul that gets you on your mat, being thoughtful and creative in your relationship with yourself and those around you


RETREAT - give the gift of time off, me time - short workshop, taster days, a week retreat in India - getting away from everyday life and being dropped into present-centred awareness promotes repair, healing and self-acceptance. Return to life refreshed.


Whatever you give, remember to celebrate the gift of life with the gift of love, whatever that looks like for you

As a thank you for shopping at Yoga United, we will pop in a small thank you gift with every order placed until 20 December 2019.


With love from the Yoga United Team

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