The gift of Giving and Receiving

The gift of Giving and Receiving

Working with opposites is an insightful tool in yoga therapy, yoga nidra and psychotherapy. We may hold different opposites from each other. One person might consider the opposite of STUCK to be FLOW. Another person may see the opposite of STUCK to be FREE. Flow and Free could be very different experiences.

In the same way, the opposites of GIVING and TAKING vs GIVING and RECEIVING feel very different. Taking something and receiving something have different connotations.

Consider the difference in your mind and body when you say the word TAKE - what do you see, think of, or feel. Do the same with RECEIVE - is there a difference in essence of the words?

Working as a yoga therapist, these differences are sometime subtle and assuming the opposites are BLACK & WHITE is worth exploring with a client. Working and socialising with a lot of yoga teachers, therapists, carers and empaths, I notice a pattern of how much easier it can be to GIVE than to RECEIVE. If we have in our minds that we are TAKING rather than RECEIVING, there can be resistance. Guilt, worthlessness, undeserving can all show up...

Do you sometimes buy a gift for someone else and end up keeping it for yourself? I do! I think if I put in my mind that I'm buying it for someone else, I can justify the cost and know that person really deserves it. In valuing ourselves, treating ourselves, we are so deserving....If you are shopping for gifts for others, how would it be to gift something for yourself too, to receive something that nourishes you in all the giving that you do? To hold giving and receiving together in your life?

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