Going through a tough time? Finding Inner Strength

Going through a tough time? Finding Inner Strength

Guardian of a Village

Guardian of a Village in Tamil Nadu

If you're facing a difficult challenge, a situation which makes you feel sick to the stomach, even a bereavement, here are some suggestions to find inner strength.

In the state of Tamil Nadu, India, huge statues of guardian spirits sit by the village boundaries to protect the villagers from evil. So how about conjuring up your own imaginary friend, spirit, angel, guardian... whatever you like to call it to stand by you, protect you, be your ally as you face your problems. Children play these kind of games all the time, making up friends, rituals and magic all the time. Its time to let go of self-consciousness and have a private play!

Make up your own ritual, lighting a candle, rubbing your belly like a magic lamp, visualising spirits of the place in your body or at your chakras...

Get the picture? - If not, here are some suggestions to get you going:

1. Arrange a small space where you can be undisturbed. You could do a yoga practice, pranayama or relaxation to de-stress, perhaps light some incense as the start of a ritual and sit upright in a chair or on the floor supported by a cushion if you need one. Bring your hands together and rub quite vigorously until you feel them warm with energy.

2. Place your fingertips across the forehead, rub your thumbs along the jaw line and then rest just below your cheekbones to encourage the jaw to relax a little, your elbows at shoulder height in front of you and shoulders relaxed.

3. Close your eyes and relax your eyes back into the sockets. Take your awareness into the space behind the forehead and visualise that you are looking at a wide screen across the front of your brain

4. Stay for a few minutes to settle into the position and invite an ally to reveal itself. You can use your imagination at first but as you stay for at least 2 minutes, notice any shapes, colours, images that come to your screen, even tiny shifts in sensation, colour or mood.

5. Even if your imagination or intuition hasn't brought anything forward, rest your hands in your lap or over your navel to conjure up some inner strength from your manipura chakra or maybe somewhere else in your body that you are drawn to. Be still, wait quietly and keep focussed. You can rest your hands in your lap or over your navel, your personal power centre or manipura chakra.

6. Once you have found a shape, colour, image, move your arms out to the sides as if welcoming two allies, and imagine that you are posing for a photo on a happy occasion, holding an ally or friend on each side of you standing like guardians for protection and guidance. You may want to sit one on each shoulder or perhaps sitting on your collarbones like two swings. Somewhere where they can help you face what's in front of you.

7. Whenever you need some support, imagaine your allies there in whatever shape or form you have found them. Remember the pose for the photo and feel protected.

If you have any ideas on how to connect with your inner strength, let us know by contacting us at Yogaunited