How much yoga do I need to practice to be a real yogi

How much yoga do I need to practice to be a real yogi

I find it interesting when people ask me about teacher training and then admit to me in a lowered voice that they do not have a ‘proper daily yoga practice’ by which they mean at least an hour of physical asana practice a day. Teachers sometimes admit that they also do not have time for a long practice every day and sometimes skip it all together, and feel really guilty.

So what’s the deal here? What is a ‘proper daily yoga practice?’

I think we have to keep coming back to the definition of yoga – if your definition is advancing through sequences of asana until you can do a side-balancing crow, and practicing every morning at sunrise to prove your commitment, then you will feel guilty if you miss your practice. However, if your definition of yoga is to connect your mind and body, connect to the greater good, to be friendly to friends, aquaintances and enemies, then it has nothing to do with how many sun salutations you perform on the mat. Of course, discipline is important to keep you on the path and not get distracted but to me, anyone who is breathing can practice yoga anywhere, any time during the day and doing any activity.

So here are 5 definitions of yoga

  1. to improve function and correct alignment – yes, but there’s more
  2. to unite mind, body and spirit, yes but there’s more…
  3. to harness energy and extend life…yes but there’s more to yoga than the body
  4. to reach enlightenment…yes but how
  5. to find meaningful relationships with yourself and others

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