An Indian supper with your London yoga retreat?

An Indian supper with your London yoga retreat?

Funny how the inclusion of a pure vegetarian Indian supper can create a flurry of bookings for a yoga retreat day! The summer urban retreat I offered in north London was very well attended and received. The weather was changeable and as soon as the rain stopped, we enjoyed the freedom of the private gardens and played with all our senses alert and invited into present moment experience. Oh and did I mention afternoon tea, afternoon nap, some shaking, rolling about, stillness, restorative practice, yoga nidra and philosophical discussion? Someone asked 'is yoga supposed to be this much fun?'

The more I teach, I find moving away from 'yoga postures' and exploring mindful movement creates a playful atmosphere for being curious. Engaging in play, recreation, imagination and discussion is so refreshing and nourishing and the participants feel the benefits of a big chunk of a day to have fun ! With a whole day or afternoon, there is opportunity for the deep stuff to arise too - the kind of thoughts that comes from opening, and being free to express oneself with child-like curiosity, and accept what arises with open arms.

I am offering a new year urban retreat in north London - it's not all afternoon tea, nap, indian supper and play...we will focus on the new year ahead and discover if there is a new way of being you can embody.... Curious to find out more?

DIVE IN  to a new year, a new way of seeing and being. Bring your mat, blanket, notebook and any other kit you like to have with you. We will provide bolsters, belts, eye pillows, well as drinks, afternoon tea, Indian supper. CLICK HERE

Retreats are facilitated by Judy Hirsh, yoga teacher and yoga therapist, founder of Yogaheadspace and co-founder of Yoga United.