Journaling exercise on LOVE for you <3

Journaling exercise on LOVE for you <3

Some thoughts and a journaling exercise on LOVE for you <3

Love is.

Having just completed our yoga retreats in India, and now spending time with family, I'm feeling full of love, my cup overfloweth with the nectar of Oneness, the unconditional love my body shows me, my family show me, the love of nature for all living beings. Embracing as much love as I can find in my heart.

Here is a short exercise in free-flow writing to feel into your heart and what love means to you 

Preparation - you will need a journal and pen, a comfortable seated position. Now set your timer for 5 minutes
  • Close your eyes to tune into your body - it helps to relax the muscles around the eyes, loosen your jaw, move your tongue around, and then be still.
  • Notice your breath, track sensations in your body - moment to moment
  • Stay as present as you can and when you notice your mind has wandered off, invite your attention back to the above - breath, body, here now...
When your timer goes off, set it for another 3 minutes
  • Write LOVE IS... in your journal and simply write whatever comes
  • Do not think about what to write, do not edit, do not stop but keep the pen moving, a stream of consciousness
  • If you get stuck, keep writing Love Is... Love is... until more words or drawings come out of your pen and onto the page

When the timer goes off, read it out loud to yourself and see what you've got.
You may be inspired to use it for poetic expression, picture, card to a loved one, or hidden in your journal for nobody but you <3

If I wrote YOGA IS...I would also find many many ways to continue the sentence...YOGA IS...What is yoga to you today? 

If you feel drawn to continue, repeat the above exercise with YOGA IS...

I would love to hear what you wrote...if you want to share

Love to you