How to keep warm in yoga class this winter

How to keep warm in yoga class this winter

It's cold outside but you don't have to be cold in your yoga class. How to stay snug...

Save money and postage costs by buying this ready-made kit which we have put together for your delight. This kit will help you conserve energy, whilst keeping you supported and snug!

Comprises - A standard size bolster, a 100% cotton blanket, a relaxing eye pillow and a yoga strap - all wrapped up in a beautiful kit bag. Everything you will need to comfort and release - Lie over the bolster, hold your hips in place with the strap, cover your eyes with the eye pillow, cover yourself with the blanket. Take stress away from the body, soothe the mind and radiate warm loving energy! Choose your colours to compliment your mood, pack everything away in the kit bag and carry with you at all times in case you need a yoga break! BUY NOW

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If the words winter, yoga, break form an idea in your mind, why not jump on a plane to sunny warm India this winter to really feel the glow. We're running holidays in Feb/March 2017.