The lessons of boredom and doing nothing

The lessons of boredom and doing nothing

I kept a clear calendar over a long weekend in an attempt to ‘do nothing’ and see what presented itself in this empty space. I wanted to enjoy myself with my Self.

As I reflect back on how I filled my time, some interesting questions and insights arose.


How do I feel about 'doing nothing'?

What do I do to meet feelings of boredom when there is seemingly nothing to do?

How am I with loss and aloneness that bubbles to the surface?

What are ways I protect myself from feeling emotions too deeply?

What resources do I call on to meet the present moment?

How are my relationships when I am not busy working?

What drives my choices of how I spend my time?

In noticing all the above patterns and habits, stickiness and flow, more questions came up about what’s important in my life, the key ones being:

What do I want to do differently, if anything?

What will support me in greater self-love, in ease and joy in being with myself?

Here are three things I decided to commit to for one month - 

Firstly, I made a vow to meet each morning with appreciation for waking up to a new day, to take a big breath into life, to stretch and yawn myself awake, and notice all that is right with me instead of focusing on all that is wrong with me and the world out there.

Secondly, I made a commitment to pause each time I take a sip of fluid to let my body know I support it in “flow” and turn this simple into a ceremonial self-care ritual

Thirdly, I told myself not to demand too much too quickly – the two actions above are enough for me right now in between my busy doing. I trust change will happen on its own, that a small shift in awareness can create transformation gradually or suddenly - I know this, I’ve seen it in myself and others, trust is present as I write this.

After one month, I will check in to what has changed or not, and choose further action to nourish my body, mind and soul.

When did you last communicate with yourself and ask your body how it is, to notice and focus on all that’s right with you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, wisdom, questions and insights…

Here’s to life, learning and joy – cheers,

Love Judy x

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