In the 'trying' to do nothing, am I doing something?

In the 'trying' to do nothing, am I doing something?

Doing nothingWhat is 'doing nothing' and why is it so difficult?

Aghh, doing nothing - maybe I'm just not the type! I love the idea of a day of doing nothing BUT...I get fidgety, bored, miserable, and my mood can change as the emotions of emptiness that emerge - It takes courage to sit with yourself and 'do nothing' The reason we keep busy is often so we don't have to face our own sadness, self-deception, and resistance. It can make us feel vulnerable to be 'doing nothing' - yikes, we might just have to face some of the stuff we have been running away from, or issues that feel too difficult to process.

I like it as a concept for relaxation but when I settle into it as a practice, I'm not sure what it means - sit still, lie down and snooze, am I doing, am I being, am I trying do nothing so it becomes 'trying', 'doing' again...and then I start thinking about how I can't 'do nothing' and maybe...and off I go into 'not enough'...again!

This is where meditation can become a useful practice for yoga therapy - maybe its not the right time so your body and mind will protect you from going too deep but often issues arise to the surface because they are ready to be seen, heard and brought into the light - so they can be worked through, and out of the body for good.

There is an opportunity to release held negativity, traumatic events or harmful words that you remain as scars inside your head or your body - this is a journey of self-discovery and healing...

I love this quote by Michael Lee, the inspiring founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy as it take the pressure off trying to do anything special or clever - 'Your body has a wonderful intelligence of its own and it will give you the experience you need when you need it, and when you can handle it - it won't take you to places you shouldn't be going so trust it and be open to whatever it give you'

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Love and light,

Judy Hirsh Sampath, course director at Yoga United Education,

Judy is a Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist, leads mindfulness, restorative, yoga nidra workshops, yoga therapy training, and therapeutic yoga retreats in India.

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