Restorative Practice - not only on Mothers Day

Restorative Practice - not only on Mothers Day

Mother's Day can be so difficult for so many of us…not only on Mother’s Day, any day the waves draw you under…

I am offering this practice which has helped me 

when I feel great grief undertow 

in relation to my own mother and motherhood.  

Find some pillows, bolsters blankets, duvet

Lie on a comfortable bed, sofa, Yoga Nidra mat

curl up or lie open...

be comfortable, be yourself

ready to receive whatever comes 

If you need some maternal love today…or any time

Rest close to the ground…now

Find a way to nestle into her soft belly

Lean in and get quiet

Feel Mother Earth living and breathing with you in the undertow 

Feel her support as you let go into her arms

You do not have to hold yourself together

Let the force of gravity take you to her

Pause here a while

Exhale to melt deeper into her loving cradle

Know Mother Earth as our Mother

We came from her and belong to her

The great Mother to all of life

All resting here together with the trees and the flowers,

The birds and the bees, and all of life

She holds us all in her embrace

Steeping us in unconditional love

Allow your sadness to release back to source

Let your tears return to her salty oceans

Receive her nourishment arising within you

The natural cycles rotating and vibrating

Organic matter turns to life force energy

Feel your Self here

Replenish your soul

When you are ready,

Breathe into your aliveness

The awe & magic of this planet

Unshakably strong in your heart

Ready to meet what’s next

Sending love to you wherever you are,