Calendar of new workshops, courses & retreats 2024 with Yoga United Education & Judy Sampath

Calendar of new workshops, courses & retreats 2024 with Yoga United Education & Judy Sampath

Every person we meet has something to teach us, not only those who call themselves teachers. 

Self-study makes us aware of how we move through the world, how we are in relationships. Who and what attracts and repels us can teach us so much about our patterns of behaviour, how we use transference and distractions to keep us out of trouble.

When we study our inner teacher, we are reminded of who we are, gain deeper awareness and understanding of what drives us - this helps us to recover our natural state of deep love and acceptance. 

We tend to be familiar with the inner critic, the voice in our heads that can doubt, worry, dread, fear, lose. We may also be conscious of our inner cheerleader that gives us confidence, hope, encouragement, buoyancy. 

And what about all that lies under the surface in the unconscious?

When we turn down the loud critical voice inside our heads and get quiet, we can tap into understanding ourselves on a deeper level - the hurt child, the generous spirit, the guardian angel, the well-meaning parent, the loving heart....We all have many aspects of ourselves. When you take time and hold space for yourself, it's all there inside like a catalogue of personalities that make up 'you'.

What do you hear when you tune in to a deeper level of knowing?

Our workshops and courses aim to question the inner critic and tune into wisdom, playfulness, ease, delight and joy.

Here are some workshops and courses coming up soon..

CALENDAR -  workshops, courses & retreats

  • 13 June 6.45-9.15pm (UK time) ONLINE  - Turning Obstacles into Stepping Stones - Philosophy workshop with Sylviane Gianina HERE

  • 14 Sept 10am-4.30pm ONLINE - Where Yin, Restorative & Nidra Meet on the Mat. The difference and applications with Judy Hirsh Sampath HERE

  • 16, 23, 30 Oct & 6 Nov 6.45-9.15pm (UK time) ONLINE -  The Somatic Series - 4 workshops explore the connection between mind and body with Soleil Hepner HERE

  • 15-17 November - IN PERSON in north London - Prana Shakti Yoga Therapy with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli HERE

  • NEW FORMAT 23-24 November - ONLINE An Introductory weekend to Yoga Therapy ONLINE with Judy Hirsh Sampath HERE

Let me know if I can support you in discovery - if you are seeking better health, creative play, living your truth, or are simply curious to experience different perspectives,  a discovery call is free and may help you to set your compass and find direction. 

Love Judyxx