Packing for a Yoga Retreat in India

Packing for a Yoga Retreat in India

Excited to join us on a new experience, and the time is nearly here.We have been taking groups on Yoga Retreats and holidays to this incredible travel destination South India, our second home.

If you have a tendency to over-pack, we are here to relieve travel stress and make your journey a little lighter. So get ready for a relaxing yoga retreat with Yoga United.

The inspiration for our general list and tips comes from ten years of experience.You can buy most things in a lot of countries, but occasionally you may have difficulty finding certain items.

So what should or could you bring…besides yourself!

Must haves: Passport, visa, boarding pass or tickets.

Money: You cannot buy rupees in the UK so we recommend you get some at the airport once you’ve reclaimed your luggage. All our resorts have a money exchange and safety deposit boxes. Most places accept credit cards – don’t forget to let your bank know you’re travelling abroad before you leave.

Sunscreen: You will be soaking up the sun, and we don’t want your retreat spoilt because of sunburn, so this is a must have.

Insect Repellent: To keep the mosquitos at bay around dusk

Toiletries: Refresh your way! Don’t’ forget anti-bacterial gel, and tampons if you use them.

Taking care of your health: Medication, Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses.

Food: you can bring duty-free alcohol, cereal, crackers, soya milk if you have dietary requirements. Your favourite teabags or coffee could make you feel at home if you need that special taste - don’t’ forget you have a kettle and fridge in your room.

Staying hydrated – we recommend 2 litres of water per day. Bottled water is available everywhere.

Eau Bottle: Keeping hydrated is essential, having a classic unbreakable and recyclable water bottle enables you to keep water with you always and top up at any fresh water source.

Swimwear: Whether it be shorts, bikinis, costumes, sarongs or a lounging suit for the beach you will need it. They are generally not easy to buy in India as most women walk into the sea in their clothes. That’s what I call travelling light!

Swim cell: Fantastic for taking pictures in the water, we love this for safety and for fun on the beach.

Converters and adaptors: for all your electronic devices, that’s if you really need the tech stuff!

World Sim: For great rates while you are abroad, so you can phone home or they can contact you. You may or may not want to be contacted! Are you on Retreat?

Yoga Travel Mat: Everybody loves their own mat, but if you don’t want to take yours, you can get one that folds up the size of a newspaper. (It is worth checking with the Airlines if your yoga mat counts as sports equipment). Of course we supply most equipment on the holidays like mats, bolsters, straps, eye pillows and some bricks but you may want to bring the usual kit you take to class.

Yoga Mat Bag: Having a lightweight bag and an adjustable strap makes carrying a lot easier on your body.

Clothing: Maybe it is time to root out that summer dress you hardly wear, or the shorts that have been hiding away since your last holiday!

Yoga Clothing: Whatever you are comfortable in to stay COOL! For a little inspiration we have some lovely bamboo t-shirts which are combined with 30% cotton. The bamboo fibre allows the body to breathe and does not hold odour. Perfect! There will be plenty of opportunities for shopping for fabrics and shawls. You will need loose clothing for cover when visiting temples in India some long light trousers and a shawl with you.

You can even bring a piece of clothing you want copied, you buy the material, you will be measured up by the tailor and have bespoke clothes made while you are there. It’s a lovely fun thing to do, imagine wearing your bespoke clothing for the farewell dinner.

Eye Pillow: After all the relaxing, you should have no problem sleeping. Although some people find it difficult when they are away from home. This will certainly help you drift off zzzzz.

Chalk: This is perfect to stop you slipping on sweaty hands and feet in a hot country, works for rock climbing too!

Relaxation Aids: This holiday is a time for you to unwind and relax. You could sit and read one of your books by the ocean, or burn some incense, creating that smell as a ritual to mark out some time for your meditation or yoga. Or even your favourite tea bag!

You are now ready to begin your journey and receive all the benefits, freedom and beautiful experiences of a Yoga Retreat in India.

Judy x