Yoga Practitioner to Professional - 8 questions for you

Yoga Practitioner to Professional - 8 questions for you

Do you have dreams of becoming a yoga teacher or a yoga therapist?

When you know yoga works to get you through life challenges - I have a lot of experience with yoga practitioners thinking about becoming yoga teachers or yoga therapists. I have taught foundation courses for those who are considering the next step, and discuss options with people. I love to hear stories about how you would like to help people because you know it’s worked for you - yoga has helped you to cope difficult times, and you are so thankful you have yoga ways to support you with the challenges life throws you.

Is there something getting in the way?

Yoga United eduction

I hear a lot of excitement and good intentions but there is often the self-doubt part, the inner critic that comes forward - I often hear this kind of thing repeated ‘I don’t know ENOUGH’, ‘my postures aren’t perfect ENOUGH’, I don’t have ENOUGH confidence’, ‘what gives ME the authority to teach others?’

What I’m reading between the lines is – ‘Even though I am already successful in other areas of my life – whether as a school teacher, manager, leader, parent, speaker, healer, human being, I am not confident ENOUGH about my postures, my knowledge, or myself to be a successful yoga professional’.

Here are some questions to to meditate on - 

  1. What is your yoga dream?
  2. where does it come from?
  3. What will it give you?
  4. What kind of teacher do you imagine yourself being – describe it to yourself, what would it look like, what are you saying, where are you, how do you feel?
  5. Is there anything getting in the way?
  6. Is the inner critic louder than your heart or your gut?
  7. Do you have an idea of who you want to teach?
  8. How will you choose a course that is right for you? What kind of learning are you drawn to?

Choosing a course that is right for you

To address the above doubts, training courses are not only to gain knowledge and acquire skills, but to learn how to apply these in a supportive environment so that at the end of it all you have more than a certificate, you have the confidence to take your own yoga out into the world.

A thoughtfully created teacher training course will foster the teacher within you, the teacher that you want to become. You get to deepen your experience and understanding of practices you’ve learnt and that have meaning for you, and to explore new terrain in the safe hands of professional and compassionate tutors. You absolutely do not have to know everything in advance, neither to you need t be able to balance on your thumbs or order your coffee in Sanskrit – you just have to turn up and be authentically and unapologetically yourself!

And then use all your skills to educate others to do the same!

On our new training courses, there is always a variety of deep learning - from embodied anatomy to relevant philosophy. Some aspects you will take to like a duck to water and other aspects are what we like to call 'growing edges' - where you feel a bit more like a duck on dry land! These are places where you feel things are not sticking or less clear and we all have them regardless of how long we have been practicing and teaching.

Oh and one more thing – it’s OK not to know everything. In the space of ‘Not knowing’ there is room for new insight to arise, an openness to enquire into an open mind and open heart. If we knew it all, we would be stuck, and there would be no room for new learning.

Just imagine! Imagine if you could empower yourself and others to be ENOUGH!

For Yoga Teacher Training – are you ready to get going? Is there something getting in the way of your dream to become a yoga teacher? Why not attend our taster session and get a taste of things to come!

22 April 2018 - The Light Centre Monument, 36 St Mary at Hill, London EC3R 8DU.


For Yoga Therapy Training – You do not have to be a yoga teacher to train as a yoga therapist, but if you’re already teaching or thinking about training as a yoga therapist, our next foundation course dates are

SPRING 2018 COURSE - 28-29 Apr | 12-13 May | 2-3 Jun | 23-24 Jun
AUTUMN 2018 COURSE 14-16, 21-23 Sept, 6-7 Oct

At The School of Capoeira, Unit 1-2 Leeds Place, Tollington Park, London N4 3RF, nearest station is Finsbury Park


We hope to support you in finding out

  • How learning can give you knowledge and authority
  • How good you need to be at doing your asana
  • How to build confidence, knowledge and authority
  • How to build a new career as a respected educator
  • How you are supported through the course
  • How to stay authentic - No bullshit!

If you can’t make the dates to meet us in person, why not give me a ring so I can support you in finding out more about your intentions and next step on your yoga journey.

Call Judy 07956 375 607 or email