Drop into Deep Restorative Sleep

Drop into Deep Restorative Sleep

Drop into Deep Restorative Sleep

The world is underneath you

Right here, right now

Gravity is drawing you to her surface, just enough and not too much

Whatever forces are pulling your attention

Yield now

The Earth can take you

She knows all of you already

your thick weight and muggy troubles

your whistling joys and merry tunes


The Earth is here to support you

To share the burden of your suffering

To gladly raise you into your healing


With a big sigh of relief


Exhale now

Exhale into the embrace of Mother Earths open arms


Let go as much as you dare


She celebrates you

With a sparkling intake of breath


Inhale now

Inhale into the vitality of life’s surprises


Receive the gifts as much as you love




What else is here

Falling to Earth?


Let life be here

Just as it is

Trust the knowing that arises in this space

Traced with the thread of our breath

Wedded in the drumming of our hearts

Webbed together in a technicoloured dreamcoat of eternity

Where we return to soothe our vertical shafts

Resting close on her treasured molten stone

To lie horizontally with her at the shore

Her Nature, Our nature

Same Same

Sleep Sleep

If you are having difficulty sleeping, our Yoga Therapy for Restful Sleep course can be found in the Education section HERE