Sharing the yoga love

Sharing the yoga love

Making time for stillness, silence, to focus, release, repair, heal & share experience. How do you want to be in the world, what do you need in your life right now? Here's some pix from last weekend's workshops. OM SHANTI.

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Embodied Mindfulness & Restorative Yoga Workshop at Special Yoga on Friday - noticing tension & stress, befriending & integrating

BWY foundation lunchBWY foundation student teachers, deeper, knowledge, love

Sharing the yoga love this weekend with BWY foundation students last day - congratulations on completing and your certificates, and of course, our star pupil Edith - the baby popped out just in time to say hello in our last session.

Sliding into stillness and being with what is - a warmly received workshop at the Laboratory Spa & Health Club...

Very exciting courses coming up next year with Yoga do you want to be in 2017?