Time to let go of your stress

Time to let go of your stress

Yoga United blog saz Time to let go of your stress

Here's a pic of Saz resting up with soft props after picking, packing & dispatching your orders...

Time to let go of your stress with the support of these props

20% off Yoga Nidra mats & zafus

So many of you are asking about our family and friends in India - we are providing extra support to our partners at Yogamalai who make our soft props with great love and care. It is impossible to purchase the materials they need to make our beautiful products right now so we have donated some funds to reduce their stress.
By buying a yogaunited soft prop, you are supporting them directly too.
Every bolster, zafu, eye pillow, mat bag, yoga nidra mat, strap you buy will help keep women in India in business.

Doing restorative yoga?
Listening to yoga nidra?
Receiving gong baths?

When you let go of the body and mind, everything shifts on its own.
There's no point forcing or pushing towards rest, relaxation and sleep - it simply becomes more elusive.
Try propping your body with as many soft props as you can find in your home - duvets, sleeping bags, cushions, pillows, blankets, eye masks.
And sometimes, you want to treat yourself to yoga props made for the job.