Sun - thanks for coming!

Sun - thanks for coming!

Cooling off in the Arabian Sea

Ah - are are you feeling it? the light, heat, the sound of lawn mowers roaring and the smell of freshly cut grass, children playing outside, and clinking glasses of an after work break with a quick blast of warmth on the skin – is this sun worship - are we all practicing ritualistic surya namaskar in the UK?

The radiant sun, the heart that beats outside, the soul of our world, you can’t beat it after a long cold winter and drizzly damp spring – I mean, seriously, thanks for coming!

Yoga United winter sun holidays in India

Of course, Surya energy recharges our body and mind. Scientifically as well as energetically, the solar rays are made up of seven colours of the spectrum, seven major chakras of the body, vital to balance for radiant health. Bathing in this energy source can provide much needed melatonin, alleviate depression, Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), skin diseases, and restore the function of many of the body’s systems. So get out there while you can and worship the sun!

Yoga ovelooking the backwaters

If you feel down during the winter months and need a top up of solar energy, Yoga United run Winter Sun Yoga Holidays in India. With a selection of top class teachers and reasonable flight prices over the summer months, be canny and plan ahead - call us for the recommended flight details on 020 8449 3556. Watch our video to get a flavour of where your winter 2015 could take you!