How to switch off to switch on!

How to switch off to switch on!

Do you have a tendency to skim-read, skim-engage and skim-experience the world because you're busy? Do you crave more down-time and connection but end up feeling down or lost when you're at a 'loose end'?

I am speaking from experience...Friday night for example, I found myself at a loose end - a quiet evening in front of the TV sounded perfect. The news did nothing but initiate the downward spiral of my mood and I switched it off, picked up a book, skim-read a few pages until I realised I hadn't taken in a word, went to the kitchen and grazed on some sugary snacks and felt even worse, and in attempt to get away from the kitchen, found my way back to my computer - ahh work - now I'm comfortable, focused and switched on!

How to switch off to switch on holland House

Observing this in myself and acknowledging it has helped me to try something else this week, and instead of going to the computer to work, I found a way to go to my mat - not to work out, but to move, shake off my mood, and then switch off and nourish my body and mind with some well-earned rest.

As a yoga teacher and therapist, I have learnt skills for this. As a human being, I can recall times when I did this too...all I need to do is remind myself what to do - and you can too! In the yoga classes, courses, therapy and retreats, I teach physical and mindful skills to feel well, to nourish the goodness inside, to acknowledge the not so good stuff, patterns and habits that I know so well, and find peace of we have time to switch on again from a place of clarity and motivation. Hope to see you on the mat!

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