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Giving back - how you are making a difference to Yogamalai

By Michaela Barker 6 April 2018 No comments

When we travel to India each winter, we are not only running our yoga retreats but my favourite time is to go and meet the yogamalai team who make our products in India. Seeing our products being made and the opportunities we are giving many families is just delightful. Ahh it’s all in the principles of yoga - And just as the word can be translated into English as "joining", "uniting", "union", we feel overwhelmed and lucky to be united with real people instead of factories, who we can visit and see the real differences the work makes to their lives

Bring Colour into Your Life

By Yoga United 1 December 2016 No comments

How do different colours make you feel? What happens when you see a rainbow?

Use a strap in your asana practice to support your body on the mat. Ask your yoga teacher how you can use a belt to avoid stretching beyond your natural range of movement.