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Is your yoga mat a playground or correction centre?

By Yoga United 29 May 2018 No comments

Next time you’re on your yoga mat, tune into noticing mode, in a mindful way and let your inner child come out to play. Treat your yoga mat like your playground

Are you a yoga teacher looking for more students in 2018

By Yoga United 2 January 2018 1 comment

If you've recently graduated from a yoga teacher training course, or gone off the boil with promoting your classes, how’s it going out there in the world?

Prepare for your new lease of life as a yoga teacher with a little guidance…I know you know this stuff but sometimes it helps to refresh your memory and get un-stuck!

Through your yoga teacher training course, you will have learnt how a class is structured, and by now, you should have some classes up and running, even if they are not as full as you’d like them to be.

The launch and inspiration behind the new Yoga “Shakti Bag’ 2017.

By Yoga United 17 November 2017 No comments

November has a beautiful clarity to it - as the nights draw in and the temperature drops, the quiet transition from Autumn into Winter takes place and colours of the leaves call our attention to the cycles of nature once again to offer insight and inspiration of how to be autumnal in the world.

The Fullness of Life

By yogaunited 26 June 2013 No comments

Now the sun is high in the sky and finally out, its a traditional time for celebration, when the work of planting crops has been completed and the harvest not yet arrived. Appreciate the fullness of life with your yoga practice by placing your yoga mat outside and using your sun salutation to thank the sun for all the nourishment it provides to support the life of humans, animals and plants. Remember to keep well hydrated so the heat of the sun energy is tempered by the cooling energy of water. Our new water bottles work on an ancient Japanese system using natural charcoal so you can purify your tap water on the go.