The Self-harm of Not Enough

The Self-harm of Not Enough

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t do enough, get enough rest, feel like you’re enough? Take some time out this week to appreciate your body and mind - the miracles that happen in each moment in your body that means you can even read and understand these words here on this page right now.


Even more miraculous, what we repeat to ourselves really is powerful. If we judge and criticise our body and mind, we will create a lot of self-harm. It also means that if we speak to ourselves with kindness and compassion, if we believe in our capacity to heal, we become our own best friend. If we love ourselves, we can radiate love outwards into the world.

How can we repeat self-love instead of self-harm?

Carve out some time for this practice, 15 minutes to rest and repair - lie down now. As you rest and breathe, speak kindly to yourself, and notice when you're not able to, and be kind to yourself in that too. Find some words to create an affirmation or mantra you can repeat to yourself eg. I am enough, everything is just as it is, I go at my own pace, I breathe in ease and breathe out rush, I radiate live in and out…as cheesy as you like