The launch and inspiration behind the new Yoga “Shakti Bag’

The launch and inspiration behind the new Yoga “Shakti Bag’

November has a beautiful clarity to it - as the nights draw in and the temperature drops, the quiet transition from Autumn into Winter takes place and colours of the leaves call our attention to the cycles of nature once again to offer insight and inspiration of how to be autumnal in the world.

Explore with us today – Imagine you are in a beautiful, friendly, colourful fabric filled environment, one that you can get completely immersed in.

What colour would you be searching for?

What fabric would give you the dramatic impact of living in colour?

Is there a meaning behind the inspiration for the fabric design you like?

Is your mind open, ready to explore different colour tones and patterns, giving you a fresh take?

Do you prefer fabrics woven using traditional textile methods?

So many choices and possibilities present themselves.

These are questions we asked ourselves when choosing our latest fabric for the launch of our new ‘Shakti Bag’ at the Om Yoga Show. And here are our answers…

A magical season of vibrant colours which captivated our imagination, rich tones, visual contrasts reminding us of Autumn - Aubergine, Magenta, Purple, Green and the bright impact of Saffron and gold gave us a feeling of rich, luxurious exuberance.

On our annual buying trip Chennai and Yogamalai, the delightful gold mango design fabric caught our eye - we had seen it before used in temples for ceremonial use to adorn the sacred deities. The range of colours informed our choice for the new range of Yoga bags, beautifully quilted to create a luxury quality soft yet strong bag. With a strong focus on ethics and the yamas, the new bags were designed and manufactured in partnership with our Indian company, Yogamalai. We are a united company committed to fair trade principles and we feel privileged to work, enjoy time with and provide wages for the Yogamalai staff who handcraft our products. Excited and ready to go!!

We decided on the name ‘Shakti’ bag which summed up the soft yet strong, vibrant and divine feminine energy of the fabric, the women who make them and the general atmosphere around Yoga United at the moment.

The interpretation of the word ‘Shakti’ holds common one parameter - power, capability, divine feminine energy, creativity and colour giving you the opportunity to shine as the Shakti goddess also known as Amma (meaning 'mother') in south India - places we hold close to our hearts, and where we found the 100% cotton fabric.

The product launched at the Om Yoga Show in London is now available to buy online. Whichever colour or style you choose, we hope you, your mat and your props enjoy being carried by the fabric of ceremony.

We would love to see pictures of you with your new bags x

Love Judy & Saz