The Wonder of You

The Wonder of You

When I was a child, I remember that I was very upset about some childish thing, I can’t remember what it was but I do remember something far more important - in her effort to calm my tantrum, my grandmother sat me down and almost whispered to me that underneath my fingernail there was a whole world just like ours. A sun with planets circling round it, an earth with people just like us, and lots of children who were happy, sad, laughing and crying just like me. The thought certainly distracted me from my tears and there was a moment when my mind opened up to so many possibilities, how large the world was, how small I was, how small my problems looked when I looked up at the sky. I tried looking under my fingernail but couldn't see anything - but the thought stopped me in my tracks and I have never really stopped wondering...and maybe this resonates with you too?

Some days I am on my yoga mat, watching the stars come out or walking in the shadow of the moon and find myself in awe and wonder. Scientists send out rockets into space to find life, scouring the skies for planets like ours, using microscopes to delve inside our cells, our DNA. Who am I? Why am I here? What is time? What is space? What is energy?

There are clues all around us in nature. Birth and death, night and day, sun and moon.

In the days when Patanjali wrote the yoga sutras around 400-500 CE, there was no google, no libraries, television, telescopes or sticky yoga mats but the ancient sages seemed to know what the scientists are trying to ‘prove’ with physical evidence today.

We may seek the answers through science, religion, gurus but even before organised religion, meditation was practiced to unveil the truth that all is one, to clear the mind of noise so we could listen deeply, see clearly, experience fully. Shamanism, meditation, and yoga have always lead us to the door of these important questions; so how to open the door and step inside?

Krishnamurthi says that the only way is to come into contact with it, to know the nature of it, to observe it daily, is to meditate on it. During meditation, there is a clearing of the mind – the mind becomes free, absolutely free of ‘me’, an order which equals beauty and love.

He recommends the practice of ‘dying psychologically’. He says only that which has an end, has something new. Die to everything that you know - Let go of memories of insults, flattery, holding on to experiences that give you status. ‘Do it sometime and you will see ‘ – to die to all of that, just give it up. Do it psychologically, inwardly, not to be attached to anything. In that there is great beauty. Where attachment causes fear, oppression, meditate to find innocence, freshness, clarity – the light in oneself. The light of that silence creates a movement – timeless, not measurable by thought, always new. We see things as they really are.

This kind of enquiry sounds simple, just to 'drop it' but not so easy in if you'd like to wonder with yoga therapy, dip into classes or courses, Judy Hirsh Sampath at Yoga United Education can support you. Drop me a line. I offer 20 minute discovery calls to discuss what's importnat to you, your next step on your yoga/meditation journey and how you don't need to do it alone!