What is Therapeutic Life Mentoring and do you need it?

What is Therapeutic Life Mentoring and do you need it?

Is life Ok but you'd like to feel more vibrantly alive? Feel lack-lustre and would like to recover the spring in your step again?

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Recover the Spring in your Step

Did you know that Judy Hirsh Sampath is not only a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, she is also a trained Therapeutic Life Mentor (TLM)?

TLM uses mindfulness as a focus and is based on the science of neuroplasticity, the art of awareness, the skill of presence – to become aware of deeply-held values and inborn intelligence to create lasting change for personal growth.

Judy shares her own experience of life mentoring “During the very first session, I noticed how much I was focussing on my work; I was excited about the growth of my business and the fact that I love what I ‘do’. When I was directed to focus on my closest relationships, I realised that I had neglected to give them much attention.

This simple awareness lead me to notice my thoughts – that I was too busy with my exciting projects to attend to family and friends. I did not make an action plan to do something about it but bringing that awareness to the surface and reflecting on the truth of ‘being too busy’ lead to immediate action that I wasn’t expecting.

That very evening, on my way home, without even thinking about it, I popped into to see a friend I hadn’t seen for a few months, just for 5 minutes to simply say hello face to face. I dropped a note through the neighbour’s door because I knew she was having a hard time…it felt good! And what’s more, these very small changes hardly took any time at all but created a heartfelt shift in my mood – I felt more connected, more gratitude, realised I had more to offer, decided to cultivate new friendships, and the best part, I became more focused and strangely, more productive. Following further sessions, other relationships changed and I was much clearer on what was really important in my life.

As you sit and read this article, try this short exercise 

Consider the following questions:

  • Is there something you’d like to change in your life?
  • Are you so busy keeping busy that you’re missing the joy of life?
  • Are you doing a great job of avoiding someting difficult in your life?
  • Is life OK but you’d like to feel more vitally alive?
  • Are you facing stuck-ness in your personal, professional or creative life?

As you read the questions, notice if there is one that rings true for you

Close your eyes for a moment and feel into your seat and your feet.

Take a long breath in and big sigh out.

Feel into your experience as you repeat the question(s) to yourself?

Engage all of your senses as you do this and take a little time before you answer

What kind of effect does the question have inside your body? Do you feel any tension, heat, longing, sadness, joy…can you describe this to yourself

Notice what’s happening in your mind, where do your thoughts go – follow your thoughts, no need to try to stop them…

and then bring your attention back to your breathing pattern – do you notice any changes as you think and feel into your experience?

Ask yourself what is true right now – how does it feel to be honest with yourself?

Take a few long breaths.

Open your eyes and make a note of anything important.

If you are looking for support in life change, skype with Judy for a free consultation wherever you are in the world.

Contact judy@yogaheadspace.co.uk or call her on 07956 375 607.