7 ways to use an eye pillow

7 ways to use an eye pillow

If you thought an eye pillow was just for savasana (relaxation pose), think again! There are a range of eye pillow benefits for you to enjoy.

rainbow colours lavender linseed cotton cover luxury eye pillows Flaxseed & lavender eye pillows

We get great feedback from people who share our eye pillow love; some people just can't sleep without one while others talk about their love for their yoga eye pillow. Over the years, we have found so many ways to use them...especially with increased zoom eye tiredness which is a thing.which makes us love them even more. So we're sharing the love with you all.

Here are some uses for the serious, the suffering, and the playful!

1. Warm up your eye pillow – on the radiator for that extra warm glow (microwave not recommended as eyes are sensitive to heat), check its not too hot as you lie down on your mat, or on a nice soft blanket and swing your legs up over the sofa. Place it over your eyes and enjoy the sensation of a warm healing hand helping you to let go of life's stresses. Breathe a sigh of relief and know that all you need to do is…nothing!

2. Cool down in the fridge - for headaches, tired eyes, take off the outer cover (more hygienic) and place the inner bag in the fridge. Replace the cover, lie down and place the cooling and soothing eye pillow over your eyes and recover from too much visual overload. All you need to do is…relax!

3. For a stiff neck, shoulders or tingling in the arms - fold the eyepillow in two so its more of a solid square shape (warm from the radiator can be helpful too). Lie down and place the eye pillow at the base of your neck for support at C7 or as I call it, the nobbly bit that pokes out under the curve. All you need to do is…take long exhales and feel the heavy weight of your head drop into the floor.

4. Back pain – sitting in a straight backed chair or driving in the car, place the eye pillow, folded in half, between the seat and the area of pain (cold from the fridge or warm from the radiator can be helpful too). All you need to do is…melt your back into the eye pillow

5. In bed, smell the lavender gently relaxing your senses. If you’re on your back, place it over your eyes, forehead or throat, or find another sleeping position and place it in your hand. All you need to do is…allow your mind to clear and the wave of sleep to enfold you!

6. Don’t forget to PLAY with your eye pillow – my children’s classes have given me the most creative ideas for eye pillows: play catch to get to know each other, pick up with your feet for dexterity (from sitting or standing), balance on your head for good posture (sitting or standing), place it on your chest or belly and make it move up and down as you breathe to encourage deeper breathing (lying down), imagine taking care of it like a pet and then imagine taking care of yourself in the same way…as you see, the possibilities are endless...

luxury rainbow colours lavender eye pillows with traditional indian gold flower design cotton cover Which colour would you choose?

7. chakra/rainbow pack – get  pack of 10 and ask for the 7 rainbow/chakra colours + 1 more so you can use them as a teaching aid. Educate or play, you choose...

At yogaunited, we have designed the perfect yoga eye pillowin size to block out the light, and weight to feel a light pressure to allow the eyes to soften, with just the right amount of French lavender to relax you even more. The cover is removable and machine washable for hygeine, and you can even buy an extra cover so you can have a change of mood.

luxury eye pillow hand made by yogamalai team Learning to make luxury eye pillows

Our yoga eye pillows are made by Yogamalai in India, working with ethical principles to support families we know. Sewing machines and training have been give women to provide them with the skills to make these products, and income to support their families. They are filled and packed in the UK with clean flaxseed and French lavender.

A perfect gift for anyone who needs to feel more relaxed – in 100% cotton or luxury version. Buy them singly, in packs of 10 or 30 We have put together a relaxation pack with a guided relaxation CD

If you like our yoga eye pillows, please review them on our website or have a look at other reviews. We believe that we have some of the best eye pillows available. 

How do you use yours? For yoga sleep and relaxation, or for something else? Contact us to let us know how you use your eye pillow so we can share more eye pillow love!

Any questions? Call us for more help on 020 8361 1882 or contact us now.

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