Washing my hands...again

Washing my hands...again

It came to me as I was washing my hands…again. I noticed how much in a hurry I was, the inner critic eyeing me in the mirror. The water was running. As I noticed this, I became aware that I can use this time another way. It reminded me of Jean Klein’s book ‘Be Who You Are’ – inspired by words such as ‘a state of grace’, ‘a harmonising power’, ‘perfect balance’.

I have experienced moments of ‘presence’ where a harmonising power is definitely present, and it brings me to be in to what Jean Klein calls ‘temporarily in a state of perfect balance, in tune with bliss reality’. So many words of that quote stand out to me – temporary being the one that feels most urgent – even if it’s temporary, do it NOW, no time like the present, like the present moment to engage all my senses. So I slow down.

I feel my feet on the ground, I feel the quality of the soap on my skin, the temperature of the water. I mindfully switch the water off so I can slow down more, really see my hands, be with each part of my hand as I clean – the skin, palms, between the fingers, the thumbs, wrists, nails…and here I am, opening into being here right now with this simple ritual. It reminds me of a tea ceremony, every sense engaged, making the ordinary sacred, aesthetically beautiful ‘ in a state of grace’, in tune with the bliss reality and letting go of the hurry, the ego, the mind, the spin, the zoom…I breathe and be here with this.

And then it’s gone, a temporary moment. I start to wonder why I need to keep washing my hands if I’m staying at home all the time. When a package or letter passes the threshold of the porch, it is well cleaned, wiped, disinfected…more and more meticulous.

We know from history, evolution & neuroscience that human beings are adaptable, resilient, and invent creative ways to not only survive under extreme stress but to chart peace and bliss in our awareness.

In these traumatic times, let’s use our yoga practice as a ceremony, like a tea ceremony, an expression of harmony, opening into a state of grace, of perfect balance, in tune with bliss reality – just temporarily and as often as we can. Step onto the yoga mat and feel into your feet, start from there or the breath or whatever has got you through difficult times before.

We can use this time to gather our resources, to find new pathways in the brain, to optimise our sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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I am breathing for my peace of mind, I am breathing for you too, for the world, for all of us.